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“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
– Winston Churchill

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Our articles are filled with practical information about what to do if your blog is being blacklisted via censorware.

We also track instances of hacking, threats, and other efforts to muzzle freedom of expression in the blogosphere.

There’s been a real problem lately with people maliciously making false reports to “censorware” providers, so as to inhibit access to conservative blogs, especially those that discuss counter-terrorism issues. We are also greatly concerned with other censorship issues, including the recent examples of fatwas and other threats made against bloggers for publishing political cartoons.


  • “Why are counterjihad blogs under attack?”
    • We are exposing some truly evil people, and they are fighting back. That’s to be expected.
  • “What about terrorist propaganda and training sites?
    I am in favor of censoring those!”
    • So are we! After all, we are at war, and we are entirely in favor of taking down enemy propaganda and other communications. These include, but are not limited to, terrorist training and recruitment videos. Such communications are not covered by any Constitutional or other legal protections for free speech. We want them taken down entirely, not merely blocked by censorware!
    • At the same time, we work to uphold (or restore) the U.S. Constitutional protections for speech, press, assembly, and petition, and to uphold (or restore) similar protections in other parts of the world.
    • Our jihadist enemies have no lack of computer savvy. They are constantly attempting to game the system in various ways, so as to interfere with access to legitimate, constructive political speech in the US, the EU, and elsewhere – particularly conservative and counterjihad speech – often under the guise of “political correctness.” At the same time, they abuse the system – sometimes by hacking, spamming, or vandalizing our websites and blogs – to get their own messages out at our expense!
    • The bottom line: We must reclaim control over our own avenues of communication.
    • If you want to help get jihadist videos taken down, please visit the following link:
    • More details here:
      Hankering to go after some bad guys?
  • “How do I report a problem with YouTube?”
    • YouTube is part of Google, and its management has often been criticized for bias. YouTube has taken down videos that criticize anything having to do with Islam or Muslims, and has allowed overt jihadist propaganda, recruitment, and terrorist training videos to remain available.
    • Let YouTube know what YOU think! Click here for the YouTube contact form.
  • “What is “censorware” or “content filtering”, and how does it work?”
    • Some software companies offer content-filtering firewall services that stop people from viewing certain categories of websites and blogs from school, library, corporate, or other public networks. Our leftist and jihadi enemies don’t want you to view information that contradicts their party line, so they often make bogus complaints about conservative or counterjihad sites with an eye to getting them blocked from as many venues as possible. This is a form of stealth censorship.
    • Click on our censorware category link to view the most recent blog posts on this topic.
    • There is no automatic way to find out whether a website has been blacklisted. See Is a content-filtering service blacklisting your website? for URL test pages and contact information.
  • “Are there any proxies or other ways to get around censorware?”
    • We have run across some websites that offer information about proxy services, or provide links to sites that do. (See “Other Sources of Information” below.) However, we have not tested these methods ourselves, so we are not in a position to recommend any specific software, service, or method. Nor can we guarantee that your efforts to get around the censorware will be undetected by the censorware firm or your local system administrators.
    • Be sure to use an up-to-date source! Censorware firms change and adapt their methods to ward off any attempts to get around the firewall. If you want to try using a proxy, get your information and your software from the most up-to-date sources that you can find.
    • Keep in mind that these workarounds do not address the real problem of blog censorship. You might be willing and able to set up proxies so that you can continue to read all of your favorite blogs. But if your blog is being blocked by censorware firms over much of the world, how many other people will take the same effort and risk to get to your blog? The fact is that only a tiny fraction of your potential audience will have courage, the know-how, and the opportunity to set up proxies and use them to read your blog in secret somewhere. This will not propagate your blog’s message to the general public, most of whom haven’t seen your blog and don’t know why it might be worth their trouble to read it!
  • “What’s with Panera Bread and SonicWALL?”
    • Panera Bread offers a public WiFi in its stores, but with a major catch. They use SonicWALL censorware to blacklist a vast range of sites, including many of the blogs that provide news that you can’t get anywhere else.
    • For a brief introduction, see this article.
    • Also be sure to read Jihad Watch Unblocked, including the comments accompanying that article. If circumstances warrant, other bloggers who have been wrongfully blacklisted by SonicWALL or other censorware providers may need to do as Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch did, and consult an attorney.
  • “I’m having trouble with Google Blogger!”
  • “My website has received a ‘takedown request’ – what should I do?”
    • If someone has asked – or demanded – that you take down an article from your blog or website, your first step should be to verify that the “takedown request” is legitimate and is not a bogus request coming from a troll or prankster. (See Musings of Wired Pig 2.1: Takedown Request (Updated) for an example.)
    • Be aware of any laws that may apply to the material that you are being asked to remove. If you determine that the takedown request is from a legitimate source, but you believe that the request is unjustified, you would be well advised to consult an attorney.
  • “My Wikipedia article has been vandalized!”
  • “I am unable to access a Bible!”
  • “I’m being sued by an Islamist organization!”
    “I’m being threatened with arrest and prosecution for blogging!”
  • “I’ve been banned from Digg!”
  • “What about hackers, spammers, trolls, cyberstalkers, and vandals?”

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