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1 dawn meyers April 12, 2016 at 9:54 am

i have a liberal family all of them they bring up issues i respond & then i’m the bad guy i don’t eat right i need medicine.. help get help etc.. whats up with liberals? i am best keeping my mouth shut. i suppose what do i do?

2 1389 April 16, 2016 at 8:47 am

I would suggest that you limit your contact with them. If at all possible, don’t discuss contentious issues.

3 bill turner May 9, 2016 at 5:38 am

9/05/16….TIME AGAIN for some “literal-levity” (but not brevity) on why muz-lam is still excreting “Don-Quixotie-type” coyotes, All zombily-tilting at the windmills of civilization. NOTE. No muz-lamist, is a civilian (not allowed to be) only in the deception Stage 1,. do they even try to appear a non-combatant . Stage 2. is (subvert and weaken) by producing an unsustainable (parasitic) population-bomb. Stage 3. convert (and be part of the problem) or kill.(anyone who will not-be part of the problem). NOTE. muz-lam has never been ethical or beneficial to anyone, ever, at any time, anywhere, except possibly the pedophilic-mafia-mob that invented it. Maybe you have become too media-intimidated ? …..To mention this allah-phant in the room ? …….Or to mention that muz-lam still demands infidel-genocide ? ………….. Or question why their contempt of women /abusive-indoctrination of children, (and public camouflage) is still essential for this voodoo, rape-cult mafia, to continue ? Or why their expected, future-nirvana, only starts, with the elimination of this planet ? …………..And now the saudi-sick , moronic, muz-lumic drivers, (of this dead-end, extortion-vehicle) are now both insanely-rich (via fossil-fuel), and insanely-insane. ….. Muz-lam still crunches, on the congealed-blood of their disgusting-history of mass male-murder, mass female sex-slavery, mass-petty-cruelty generally and abuse of all things living, particularly females (of any species) and drug-sniffer dogs. And in every hypnosis-hall (mosque) ever built, are still legally promising your children (as sex-toys) to all moronic-martyrs ( for these mass-murder, wanna-be’s), on a new (mosque-promised ) flatter-than-flat, planet ? .( (Plate-planet, Pedo-Paradise) ……SLOW DOWN. There is plenty to laugh/ cry about, on every line, but its no wonder, people say too-hard / too-crazy (and look-away). But parasitic, foot-shooting-stupidity, is the muz-lumic strong point (and now unfortunately they have the funds, to bribe/ extort / place “usefull-idiots”, (in positions of power) on their behalf:………………. Pick any current scam….. BLM ? Open-borders? NWO,? rapeUgees? Hands-up, multiCULTurism, Never Trump, Co2 ? EU/ UN / Vote Hellary / Killery (whatever) etc etc……. all now muzi-funded / controlled, by Saudi/ Soros, Shitheads , I.E. Mr Truth-not, (recently elected in Canada) ……… ………………… .And no matter how many flowers are thrown (to hide/ excuse its stench) Muz-lam is still a square-wheel, with a turd-tire, (and with a permanent-puncture). …….So for clarity (and your sanity) and amusement , on why moo-slums, are still farmed to be, rabid-raping, brat-bullies, thighing-thugs etc (with nothing but contempt, for the real world (or anything about it)…………………………..Note BELIEF is only ever, personal/ temporary and situational, ( anything else, is just a superstition-utilizing, people-controlling, intimidating, voodoo-mafia-cult). …..Note FAITH is continued belief, despite contrary-evidence. Moslums have no freedom of personal-religion, no freedom of useful education, or thought, or association, ( just assignation to your assassination)……………. ……Note. All “prophets” are just schizophrenic-guessers, vocalizing the voices in their heads…… Plus now the related : Why nothing the socialist-media-“prophets” (now) push, ever adds up….ie. Lets all welcome in, the malignantly – cancerous, to help them escape, from what they bring, WTF. With the deliberate intention of infecting us too ? WTF ? ..These “sKILLed rapeUgees” 80% are too cowardly to fight each other at home (and Note “KILL” is usually in the fine print ) against their muzlumic (Stage 3) idiots. …….. NOTE. There is no such thing as a “normal” muzzee. Only the too-much-muzi (Stage 3 now) or the Slimid-Ali, slut types, at stage 1 or 2. (preferring to fight, on their backs, with “useful-idiot” supplied, western funding). ……… …………………So this is Today’s, Real-World, Resource-References, (on these infidel-genocidal, retarded miss-fits) and their deluded do-do, good-er, (traitorous-pawn advocates). ……………. …………………………Part 1. .(be warned, 1st gear only, low-range, 4wd, please have brain, beer and bullets ready ) …..As I join the logical dots (that the media-mist, deliberately-missed). That these 7th-century conquistadors / Don Quixotes, tilting at windmills with 7th century-savagery, with a dead-end strategy, and with a promised end-expectancy, of a replacement planet, plus some mad-mulla also promising (and condoning ), the guiltless raping of your children (as their reward for mass-murder)….. NOTE. ..This mafia was / is not, an evolved, modern “religion”.(intentionally ethical or beneficial) duh ………………………………. ………………. NOTE. Deception is the primary tool/ weapon,of any army, but which weapon is best defense, against Violent-Voodoo ? .(If you know, please tell Mr Flaccid (our current “Sargent-at-Arms” ) ………..Plus first some qik-clarity on some other (Stage 2.) subversive scams ….An aboriginal “treaty ” ??? To allow / condone / reward ( force you to fund), an apartheid, supremacist-privileged “life-style” choice ? Just for someone now, being a hand-biting, distant, deluded, descendant, of a non-taxpaying, vagrant ? Whose “ancestors” never bought, built or brought anything, except Grasper-Genes ?. ………………….. ………………..NOTE Everyone is actually indigenous, (to where-ever they happen to be born) , but only become “citizens” of a “nation”, after there first being established, a nation. (a tax-management system, of services/ infrastructure). Then someone being “tax-office” recognized (as a legal citizen) )…duh …. Then, and only after bringing something (worth-stealing) to the table, or by the productive-building/ or buying / or funding and in defense of ) of those infrastructures and services, (for everyone, now and in the future). before anyone, could even claim, to be patriotic (and before ever being allowed to vote, (to control those assets) or carry.) duh . Yes I see you nodding (and we all know why) …………..Stay in 1st gear (reverse-back, if need be) …..We may all be “out of Africa” and still carry 1-4% neanderthal genes, but all non-taxpaying, “parasitic-humanoids”, are just asset-stripping, blood-sucking, fleas on the dog (or, like moslumic foot-shooters, “eager-to-kill the dog”, )…… ……NOTE …..Parasites are not patriotic . Media is not patriotic. Comedians are not patriotic.. Demo-rats are not patriotic. Greenies ( mentally-challenged /usefull-idiots) are not patriotic. Koran-codiles are not patriotic. Mosque-skitoes are not patriotic. Voodoo is never patriotic….(Ethical people are patriotic (plus live in in the real world, and continually build, for everybody’s benefit and future)) ……A treaty (with mosque-kitoes ?) certainly sounds like, just another (Stage 2. ) divisive, expensive, unproductive ” weasel-worded”, muzi-media scam .Just the sort of Mahdi-motivated “subvert and weaken”,,muz-lamic tactic, to rip-off (non-moslum) tax-payers, (in any civilized, democracy anywhere). Definitely sounds like it, more saudi funded, financial and civil vandalism , that will always guarantee, that everyone loses (including the dummo saudi-zillionaires, (who do it for the mosque-promised, “extra-virgin”, virgins, (in mahdi’s, Rape-Heven) (Reward Stage 4)) ……But on the bright side, its “vote-buying/ corpse-resurrecting ” time again folks, and socialist “Rent-A-Mob”, pays $16/hr. (tax free/ expenses)……………….. Are you ready for another O’Vomit POS Indonesian-bastard? golfing-wanna-be, (muzi-terroist, Stage 2) POTUS ?. This time, why not vote for an American citizen ? With some expertise in money and manpower management . (hell, even vote for a patriot if you want to/ or do both). Whether you favor Trump or Tramp, you see the streets now being flooded with all “suddenly-rich” “professional-victims” , (soros/ saudi-$$$ funded) unemployables .vandalizing as they go ………..all eager to vote (for a economy-crippling/ dog-destroying, unfunded, socialist dole-cheque) , …most waving new “emotionally-glossy” placards (and in union uniform) with the sole purpose of demonizing / verbling the employers, crippling the productive / protective, plus always/ anything, to distract from the Stage 2. “koran-codile”, (currently chomping on anything female) …………and plus the endless media-deadline/ distractions like “this week’s best-rapist awards”/ how to fix itchy teeth, etc.etc. Coral (which cant exist without sunlight ), is being killed (by the sun) and its your (western democracy’s) fault. ??? REALLY ? ….And the media is now always sympathizing, with saudi-funded socialist bull-Shitten (and today’s “Sirions,” ).(both as fake as a “syrion-passport” ) and them all immediately recognizable, by their other, “daesh” trade-names” ………….Heads-R-Us.. /..Brat-Bullies -R-Us ../..Taqiyya -R-Us../ …Arsonists-R-Us .. ../..VooDoo-Zombies, R-Us… /..Hand-Biters-R-Us…. /..Assassins-In-Waiting, R-Us ../…. Trojan-War-Camel, R-Us…./ .Pretend-Syrians, R-Us. /. Mentally-Mangled Morons,-R-Us.. /.. Deliberately-Dummed-Dolts R-Us.. /.. ICE-dealers-R-Us ../…vandals -R-Us. ……(etc). …I.S.I.S. ( Intense-Sex Involving-Sheep) / Boko-hareem / Al-kebab / Al-nausea etc, (collectively “daesh” ). are all the real, muz-lam, ( just attempting “Stage 3.” (again) too-soon)…… NOTE. ISOS Hareem sex-slaves are not volunteers (but do produce volume-o-tears) ………The Stage 3rs, are now condemned by other, more patient/ parasitic, lazy (Stage 1-2 muzi) for going-off “half-cooked/ -cocked”/ prematurely-“exploding” ) … …. P.S. NOTE The “I” in islum, is for Immature / (2/3) Illiterate / Ignorant / Intransigent / Irresponsibly-Indoctrinated, Idolic-Idiots / Insane / In-bred / Ingrates / In-sheep . …….But NOTE. their muz-lumic Santa (their sex-toy-supplier, “mahdi”), will never (can never cum), because the world is much bigger than a 7th century camel-thief could see/ imagine , actually too big (/and round) to ever kill every non-moslum, on the planet, so your total elimination is (logistically) impossible, (so all the disgusting “heroic” muzze-attrocies, (29,000, even since 9/11) of deception, ambushes, economic-vandalism, blood-letting etc, is all for naught. But they still legally do-do, via diarrhea-law. (Their west-African slaving-codes) do what they can, wherever they can, for as long as they can, to whoever they can, to whatever they can, (as cruelly as they can), whenever they can etc………… Since its invention, Muz-lam is the problem, always was and always will be (as any ex-muzi, (escapee) “apostate”, is a dead-man, walking.) ………….NOTE their unquestionable “holey book ” can be overwritten (and has been) as many times as any mad-mullah likes. Any new colonic-bullshit, then “legally-overrides” any previous attrotic-bullshit . Its just additional “abrogation ” (of previous plagiarism)……… …….. Now you may have gone to school, but here is no “laugh-track” (or free lunch) in the real world, where there is only 2 types of people, YES, ONLY TWO TYPES and its got nothing to do with gene-variation, or media-manufactured “racism”, or muz-lumic (in-bred) cretinism, (or a ( mosque-promised), “flatter-than-flat” plate-planet, ( “pedophile-paradise”), somewhere else)………. Its only (always) the (1) BUILDERS, (for the future),,,,,, Vs the (2) BREAKERS. (Stealing every day). …….This divide, is sometimes referred to as,,,,,, the (tax-paying builders, buyers and bringers ( PATRIOTS,) ,,,,,, Vs the vagrant-(PARASITES) …………….(or more clearly stated), the tax-paying PATRIOTIC-SLAVES,,,,,,,,,, Vs ……..the totalitarian-(KKK/Nazi) DEMO-RAT, SOCIALIST-THIEVES……. But the real mafia allah-phant in the room, (since its invention the 7th century) is still, MUZ-LAMIC-VooDoo,,, Vs …this PLANET. … ……… But these cretin-ized, “sewer-slide-zombies” are currently both “media-darlings”(?) and pride of every muzi family. What a joke, these are just juvenile-mentality, selfish, envious, over-eager-rapists, who can’t count (or wait) for the third (the infidel-mass-killing, Stage 3) to be “officially” started ……….. .But to the brat-breeding family, worth it, for the $25,000 saudi-reward (for producing “mahdi-motivated” murderers). As that cash will pay for 2 boat-tickets, (from a people-smuggler) to escape “the muzi-bed”, that they continue to make for everyone). But still a far better deal than (working as a professional vandal) with Sorro-arse’s “Rent-A-Mob”. But my prediction is, that none of the last WW (flare-up No 2.) , with the previous unholy WW2 “anti-Semitic-trinity” ,(of the Vatican, Germany & Mecca), will be “own-goal” bombed this time (duh duh and duh)……….. but any patriot like, Churchill (Farage, Golding,Trump, Abbot etc. today) will again be relentlessly media-demonized/ verbled, (again ) as a nazi-o-phobe, muzi-o-phobe, voodoo-o-phobe etc. . ………….TODAY, (and every day since its invention (in the 7th century) ), MUZ-LAM has demanded (and is still attempting) INFIDEL-SUBVERSION (before) INFIDEL-GENOCIDE .(Stage 2. & 3) …..And Despite what the media prostitutes/ propagandists push (usually emotional/ traitorous-distractions) . ………………….Anyone today, using words like “peace / armistice / truce “, etc. (all obsolete since the 7th century) is a total fraud, or knows absolutely-nothing, about med-evil, maniacal, mercy-less, muz-lam………….. Muz-lam is, a “can-never-end” crime, against humanity, (a ” human-shield,” user, (in schools /hospitals/ markets etc) against democracy and enlightenment and anyone’s chance of a civilized future) … …. Muz-lam always was a psychopathic-simple-plan (for controlling simpletons ) and has been continuous for 1400 hundred years (because (in the now, “too-civilized” west), killing murderers, has become too-“PC.”).. And when you excuse murderers, instead of killing them, ( or choose to look away) muz-lamic insanity (infidel-slavery/ genocide etc) will continue ( duh duh and duh). ………… …Any pseudo “peace” / “human-rights”/ “legal” / “medical” / “union” (extortion) etc. group,,,,, that isn’t working for the elimination of this (colonic, kronic,) koranic-instruction/ direction-demand, (which is)……. Stage 1. deceive and infiltrate (invasion)…. .. Stage 2. subvert and weaken (general parasitic uncivil vandalism, )…… Stage 3. (but only after sufficiently wreaking and weakening (with Stage 2) ) kill all non-moslums…. (ISIS / boko / taliban / o’vomit /EU etc is all now Stage 2-3.)…. (Stage 4. Is the madhi-carrot/ reward, (of pedo-paradise/ rapist-heven)………actually any “peace/ rights/ voodoo” advocates group, (since the 7th century) is usually a total fraud, totally ignorant, or totally complicit (now sorros/ saudi-funded) with the push towards NWO/ Armeggdom (same/same, both). One will follow the other. duh …….. …………This thesis also makes it obvious, why (juvenile-mentality) males, are the muzlumic (pawn) mainstay (plus also to explain the “sticks”, that muz-lam uses to co-opt/ bribe/ extort/ intimidate inmates) …….NOTE The juvenile-misogynist “Fantasy-rapist-future”, (supplied by their Mass-Murder-Motivator and Planet-Replacer, Santa-Claus (who they call “MAHDI” / Uncle-Pervy) is to supply “7 levels” of “muzi-(rapist) heven”,………. …………All this Concocted (originally) to help motivate-mentality, the massacre of the local (7th century Semite) neighbors, plus steal all land / products / assets in all the (then) known, flat-world……. But, NOTE. “mahdi” will not bring. the “sexual-sweets” / river of wine / 300 sexy boys / new bigger cok , etc. until any-place, housing “Jews” is totally eliminated (today called Israel / USA?). That’s why there will never be / can never be, (ever), a genuine truce. (duh)..or peacefull-end, to this 7th century insanity. ….Any policing-troops, sent to explain the golden-rule / untangle that web of snakes, are wasting their time/ and their lives. …………………. …………………… . This Trojan-camel mercenary-muzi-mafia, death-squad, (usually hidden in plain view (Stages 1&2 camouflaged as a “religion”,) but obvious even to “blind-Freddy” that it has always been just a rape-cult, pyramid-scam, demanding rote-learning of mythology, as the pinnacle-project , for a primary (purpose) of systematic child-abuse.and producing indoctrinated-dolts. (but not apparently the media / legal-prostitutes), ………………… …Moz-lam founded on mass male-murder, mass female (and child) sex-slavery and their unspeakable west African slaving-atrocities, that the crusaders were sent to stop ( but way too little/ way too late). mos-lam, never been civilized, (or sane) wanted or needed, or productive, or beneficial to anyone (including mentally-enslaved, mo-slums) anywhere, (or at any time)……Muz-lumic lying, is compulsory, and is called taqiyya:(and like the kiddie-fiddling, (and your assassination) allowed , condoned and reward-promised) ………..Muz-lam is now (via fossil-oil), insanely-rich (as well as insanely-insane) and totally out of time (and totally out of hand.). Known today as the ASPIS, (the Egyptian/ Arabian-Cobra). Because the letters spell out “Apartheid, Supremacist, Parasitic, Immature-Shitheads”. and is also known as FSSPSS, Foot-Shootingly, Sand-Pit Stupid, Savages, and MMMWMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW (Medieval (very-evil), Middle-eastern, Muzzee-Mafia, Martydom-Wanting, Mahdi-Motivated Merciless-Mercenaries, Mosque-Mutant , Mulla-Money Mad, Masquerading, Migrating, Maniacal, Malignant, Mate-Masturbating, Missionary Masticating , Misogynist-Maggots, Mass-Murdering, Media-Manipulating, Mythology-Memorizing, Mentally-Moronic, Mindless Mongrel-Wankers ……… …………This note, is all actually just a update, of that old, old, Arab-warning, about these cancerous-psychos (since the 8th century) …”never trust a moslum”…… ,as anyone deliberately staying moslum, is just a rapist/ assassin-in-waiting, wanna-bee fantasist…….. …So I ayatollah you too, muz-lam is just a pyramid-scam, where everyone loses / dies and don’t forget the skitzo-manic media-prostitutes, now say, it’s all your fault / give me your mind, and your money (usually both) …………………..And so, who of you will continue to tolerate, the muzz-lumic (media-endorsed) “professional-Victim-card” wavers ? And clap these cretins-assassins in, or sing their praises ?? The muzi, on the boat, go, WAVE wave WAVE, wave WAVE wave, WAVE wave WAVE, the Invaders on the boats go, Wave wave Wave, slash-SHOOT-stab & KICK.) ………………..Its not personal, these killer-drongo/ drones, are “mosque-groomed / programmed / farmed ” to think of any non-moslum, as delicious (pork-substitute, protein), (usually now, too many of us, are too-civilized/ too media-terrorized, to even ever say, anything ), and so most now, are just passively-eager,? to hand over someone else’s money, (always a slaving tax-payer’s money ) plus, allowing the PC (Commo-Core) sucker-punching of your own children’s education, intelligence and future). … ..7th century muz-lam, has been doing the same “sand-pit-shit” (deceiving/ extorting /vandalizing /raping and killing), for 1400 years (and still motivated by the same delusion, that their dream-time-Santa (madhi) will definitely reward their foot-shooting stupidity/ mass-murdering, with a new flat-planet somewhere else.. . .Its why they insist, (and incest ?) “praise the prophet, not the planet”. (Any schizophrenic Gang-greenies, take note). With their heads in the sand, 5 times a day, kissing stones and chanting death to You(should)-know-who. A muzi’s expected future, is not here (and with your cowardly / ignorant-indifference, to the local hypnosis-hall (mosque), that is still today , legally promising your children, as sex-slaves (on Pedo-Paradise) to these moronic-morons, then your future, is not anywhere either) …….NOTE The U (in muz-lam) is for unwanted, uncivilized, uncouth shitheads, (duh) ……………..The mid-east, fossil-oil $$$$ windfall, is never, ever, “media-demonized”, but fossil-coal is ? This is another Economic, Media-biased, money and manpower crippling subversion, (Stage 2) at its most blatant ……. …… ..Both fossils are only here now, because during life’s early prolific-evolution, Co2, was at 4,000 ppm. Today, at just 400 ppm ( rising at 1 millionth every 5 years). This is A. irrelevant ? B beneficial ? C normal ? D Uncontrollable ? You view is defiantly irrelevant, because the Media prostitutes says this is a disaster and all life sustaining-western (non-moslum) -productivity (particularly using the wrong fossil) should cease immediately. (That is how corrupt the media/ un/ eu etc. is, today). ………………Today in submarines, sailors breathe Co2 at 1,000 ppm, with no adverse effect because Co2 is an essential, trace (life / food growing) gas, (that turbo-charged the evolution of life on this (then very hot) but cooling planet). Oil and coal, seen now both as the fossil-remains, of the darling twins, (COALin and OILave), from their formative / baby , (hot) evolution years……………..As Co2 always follows temperature-changes, observable in winter, when Co2 follows the temperature down to, and @ 150ppm, plants stop growing . When the season (temperature) changes up, the Co2 level (plant food) rushes back up and (plant) spring, is here again. (More Co2 = More food. duh) Farmers know this, (green-house managers deliberately pump in extra Co2 to boost plant growth) but the media makes sure, (any) real-world knowledge, is ridiculed (Stage 2. again) ….Since the last mini ice-age, the sun has been warming the world at 0.8* per century ( with or without us/ and has before us (and will continue after us))…… Consequently Co2 is also (beneficially for us) following temperature (up) at 1/millionth per 5 years. And since the un-corrupted data from satellites , (as expected), no detectable warming for 18 years and (balloon) troposphere-temperature readings are now back up to where it was, 58 years ago, (at the start of Al Bore’s “global-cooling” scare campaign ) and the media probably knows that too, but I digress (again)……, .Demonizing Co2 (like the halal-scam) is just about crippling the non-moslum, world-economy (and development). and always for the muzi-welcoming of, “mahdi” ….Everything a muzi does or funds, is for mahdi. Any “expected to be, trustworthy” body, (UN, EU type) that has not previously explained the muzi-Santa “mahdi” goal to you, is probably already corrupt / muzi-controlled (and any justice / sanity / logic.Just a media-mirage). NOTE . No moslum is a civilian. (not allowed to be). Most moslums are killed by other moslums (like most blacks, are killed by other blacks)…… BUT your life /productivity / humanity/ enlightenment/ sacrifice etc./ doesn’t matter to any muzi. You are the enemy, 7th century moslam says so and still demands your genocide. (You, always-right / patriotic / tax-paying / endlessly slaving / builder-for-the-future / you / you media -demonized, disgusting-“hater”, you. OR you could believe (as the media insists) muz-lam it’s just a “religion “? of “peace” ? (And the world is square, with 5 corners ?) …and for any females, educated ? intelligent ?, outspoken ? car-driving ? no bag-on-head ? and still with all your pink-bits (including noses or ears etc.) ? Not looking good for you . SUB-NOTE. I don’t know if burning alive, or being buried alive, is best…… but……I suggest “gun” deodorant (under each arm) .loaded with “muzzee-off” in the convenient “brassed(off) ” capsule. ……Feel free to correct any mistakes / add your own wisdom (and re-post). before the mozlami-tsunami (of “mosque-kitoes”), kebabs you, too. Because apparently, christian-crackling is to die for and (technically to a muzzee, you are not pork)……….. At least (again today) Putin (Russia) is saving our bacon again (like they did in WW 2) fighting the then, mufti-hussani / hitler (Waffen-SS/ ISIS Stage 3. tag-team, of nazi-muzi-micks) who ended up (after mufti insistence) trying to self-fulfill, koranic-proficy, then too)…..All prophets are just schizophrenic guessers / vocalizing the voices in their (towel-covered, cotton-filled) heads ……LA…LA,…LAR ???? The muzi on the bus, go bang bang bang, stab stab stab, slash slash slash. The invaders on the bus, go steal steal steal, burn, bribe, bully and bash . The media said Its just, “Multi-Cult-Torture-ism”. That’s a big word ? Isn’t it children? So, how many cheeks, do you want to sacrifice this time ? In Muz-lum’s (continuous-war) WW, ISIS / boko , etc.flare-up (Stage 3) No. 3.???? You know the bases/ boats, are now reloaded with human-shields and rape-U-gees. 80% not syrian. 80% not families. 80% not refugees. 80% not poor. 80% not deserving. 80% fighting age males. 80% apartheid, supremacist-parasites. 80% will never pay-tax. 80% will be armed and barracked (and trained in guerrilla-warfare) in “police no-go-zones” (Sweden has 55 already and is now, the gang-rape capitol of Europe) MMMM …

4 1389 May 13, 2016 at 8:58 pm

Next time you comment here, please use some paragraph breaks and some punctuation to make your points more clearly.

— The Management

5 1389 June 5, 2016 at 7:36 am

Next time you comment, please use paragraph breaks, and please post your comments on a current article.

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