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Published on Aug 16, 2016 by securefreedom

Donald Trump released a plan to actually name, fight and defeat our enemies. This is a welcome change from the current failed policies

Full video and text of Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech at this link.

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1 Gijs Klok September 4, 2016 at 3:27 am

Jihad literally means ‘effort focused on realizing a certain goal’.
A distinction is made between inner and outer jihad.

Outer or little jihad and Inner or Big Jihad

I find it strange that people are often talking about striving for Peace but at the same time keep on occupying themselves with the Little jihad. I doubt if the Will is really there to work on True Peace. It’s namely much easier to keep on squabbling with for example your relatives or your neighbours or with ulterior motives, wherever in the world, putting up a struggle or even waging war. I can imagine that the reason would be ignorance but now it’s about time that people, through Self-Analysis, start occupying themselves with the True Big or Inner Jihad to really start working on True Peace.

Everyone is familiar with the Struggle inside himself which, thanks to Tini, I soon started seeing as a True Jihad. The Reason why this Struggle is being put up, is what it’s all about! It still remains a little jihad if it’s about things like for example eating nothing or less for a little while or quitting smoking, which indeed could have a positive effect on body and mind. With these kinds of things you are able to taste a little what it’s like if you’re being stern with yourself. This whole spectacle is, positively or negatively speaking, still being directed by your higher self (conscience). Although there are things, which the higher self lets you carry out inwardly or outwardly, which often could have a positive effect as long as it lasts, it has Nothing to do with the True Big Inner Jihad. The fact remains that those actions in general finally end in outer drama and for the one who has caused the drama, it causes a Drama inwardly. The conscience (higher self) just plays a game (spectacle) with everyone and unfortunately the conscience tries to maintain this for your True Self as well.

For the True Big inner Jihad it actually revolves around the fact that the conscience (higher self) has to become Aware again of The Knowing which he has once Known and that he is forgotten for his own good, but somewhere in the back of his mind still Knows. This True Big inner Jihad can’t start until the inner Child of the fallen Trinity (the inner Child and the inner Father and Mother) starts Hearing the Silent Call and a Recollection revives of The Knowing of their True First Eternal Love, when things were still Alright.

The next step for the inner Child would have to be speaking to the heart of the outer Child (You) who carries out and Set off together to Reconstruct everything to how it once was before the Fall and become one again with Your True First Eternal Love. With this Revolutionary inner motive the higher self (inner Father and Mother) doesn’t agree because They don’t want to change in order to keep their power. To convince and Convert their way of thinking, the True Big inner Jihad is needed, which everyone actually Knows. You do need the Courage of the True Hero to Visit your inner Grandmother (The Innocent Knowing) again, because She is the only one who can Safely guide you back to your True First Eternal Love.

The True Jihad Warrior works inside and on himself, to Free himself from the little jihad. If he Frees himself of the little I thinking step by step, he will transform into The True Big I thinking and eventually he can only have a Big Heart for everyone. That outer jihad from then and now has nothing to do with The True Jihad Warrior, who inwardly deals with the Jihad between his Passing Strangers.

The emotional scenes which an outer married couple goes through in the song (I hate you, then I love you), you inwardly go through as well when the Silent call, from The Nothing, points out to you that you’re imprisoned in the power and control game of the ego or higher self, and not until then an inner Revolution can come into being. This inner Struggle (Jihad) between the Passing Strangers I called the dualistic Struggle and this one can only be solved by visiting the Innocent Knowing again. Of course then something symbolically has to Die (make Room) but at the same time you could be Afraid of death (Loss), the emptiness and the loneliness, which could hide behind this. That’s why the Belief “that there’s something Else”, namely Your True Love, especially in the beginning is Very important.
It’s not so strange that the person who assumes that the higher self is his one and everything, thinks that it’s impossible to live without them. It’s actually more about living without their traits and that’s why you have to let that piece Die little by little (Killing me softly with her/his song).

For most people it’s an “eternal” Struggle and that might be the reason it’s called the impossible Dream. That which you grasp again and again, out of Fear for the emptiness of The Nothing, is what you have to conquer on your way to the unreachable Star, to eventually beat the unbeatable Foe so that the impossible Dream doesn’t have to remain impossible. The Nothing, where Your True First Lost Eternal Love is waiting behind Her Door is not an impossible Dream, but you shouldn’t just philosophize or keep on dreaming about it.

The more the ego inside myself Died (Killing me softly with her/his song), the Purer I started Hearing the Silent Call inside myself and I was allowed to start Seeing more things. That’s why the Very First Song was the Silent Call (I write the songs). In this world, because of the surroundings in which you live, but also because of the inner Struggle (Jihad) with your own higher self/ego, it will definitely not be easy to get Mona Lisa’s Door (androgynous) Opened again. On top of that the dreams, which are the reason why you’re knocking at your True Love’s Door, often still are aimed at the ego (higher self), and because of that Die on the pavement in front of Her Door. Regaining The Love is Hard, otherwise the Nothing wouldn’t mean anything. (Love is hard!- James Morrison).

After getting The Door Opened, the eventual Reward is of course of an entirely Different Nature than the ones I often hear coming up like for example: By the help of a human being I have become a new born Christian or the 72 virgins who would get the outer jihad warrior in heaven after his martyr’s death.
The True Reward, after getting The Door of your First True Eternal Love opened, is that you are being Reunited with who you Truly Are and are able to say again: I Am. Actually, after this Reunion something Virginal takes place, namely after this Twofoldness has become one again, out of which Virginally the True Trinity can be Reborn and the Original Trinity is Restored. This is called the True second Birth after which you’ll get the True Eternal Youth back again and one could call it The New Human. On top of that there’s the Reward of being Freed from the outer little Jihad and Tasting the Feeling of Freedom from this, as long as you pay attention to not making the same mistake again by thinking to know everything better again and forgetting that you need The Innocent Knowing (inner Grandmother), to not lose this Freedom and Bliss again before your earthly death.

I can only say that the world would be a much better place, if man would integrate himself “guided by Grandmother” with the one he or she once had been Really one with. The Passing Strangers inside man would then become One again and as a result everything would turn out Fine and True Peace could return again. Love could Blind the sighted, but The Love makes the Blind See!

Vaya con Yaya, Gijs Klok In the name of Tini Largegarden

2 1389 September 11, 2016 at 9:33 am

This is all pure fantasy and has nothing to do with mainstream Islamic doctrine, nor with Islam as it is observed by hundreds of millions of people in the real world.

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