Five truths about shari’a

by 1389 on August 27, 2016

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Published on Aug 3, 2016 by Political Islam

We know we are learning the truth about the Sharia because Muslims are telling us that we don’t understand it. A Washington Post guest writer put forth a refutation of the myths about the Sharia. Of course he makes deceptive arguments about Islam.

The Sharia is a process of applying the Sunna of Mohammed and the Koran to everyday needs. It is a method of enforcing every human to live a life just like Mohammed, down to the smallest detail.

No country bases all of its laws on the Sharia because the Sharia is not sophisticated enough to work in a modern world.

The Sharia is anti-woman because it includes wife-beating, polygamy, and sex slaves. Mohammed was involved in all of these.

The punishments of Mohammed included the brutality of assassinations, executions, torture and enslavement.

Sharia includes conquest because of the fact that Mohammed did not achieve real success until he waged jihad.

To know the Sharia, you must know Mohammed, because Sharia is Mohammed’s law. And the worst part is that the Sharia subjugates the Kafir.

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1 Annonymous August 28, 2016 at 11:43 pm

Sharia is a form of oppression practiced and spread by their inferior Islamic society. Any nonbeliever who is poor, disadvantaged or powerless should take extra precaution or avoid them whenever possible when living among their pretentious, two faced backward Oriental Islamic societies. Everyone should be well aware that Sharia have a nasty tendency to oppress, bully, deny rights to anyone that is poor, disadvantaged and powerless.
Hopefully, the West will be strong and powerful again and expel all the oppressive Islamic people and their Sharia back to their backward Sharia hell hole.

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