Chobani is replacing American workers with Muslim Middle Eastern refugees, thanks to Obama

by 1389 on July 7, 2016

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BPR has the story:

Nothing but harm to American workers.
Moreover, Chobani isn’t even Greek – it’s Turkish!

July 6, 2016 | By John Binder

American company and Greek yogurt giant Chobani announced that it will be seeking to hire foreign, Middle Eastern migrants over American workers, thanks to a plan by the Obama administration.

Chobani, which is owned by a Turkish Muslim immigrant, has already given 30 percent of its 600 jobs in Twin Falls, Idaho to Middle Eastern refugees who recently resettled in the country, according to an exclusive report by World Net Daily.

Ann Corcoran, who runs the blog Refugee Resettlement Watch, said what is taking place with labor jobs going to refugees rather than Americans is happening across the country.

“These are jobs that Americans would be happy to fill but they are forced to compete now with someone from Sudan or Iraq who is used to working for a dollar a week,” Corcoran told WND.

The Muslim community in Twin Falls is growing tremendously, recently building a new Mosque that is much larger than its predecessor.

From WND:

Bloomberg News reported Thursday that Goldman Sachs is heading up a massive support program for refugee resettlement, joined by United Parcel Service, HP Inc., MasterCard, IBM and Google, all of which have pledged to provide either jobs, cash or free services to refugees. The Obama State Department is distributing 85,000 refugees into more than 190 U.S. cities and towns in fiscal 2016, followed by 100,000 in fiscal 2017, which begins Oct. 1

The White House is leaning on companies to commit money and other assistance to resettlement programs ahead of a global refugee summit Obama will host Sept. 20 at the United Nations.

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