The moment of truth: Why Brexit is vitally necessary to the survival of Britain

by Gramfan on June 5, 2016

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Published on May 31, 2016 by Pat Condell

Do we want to live in a sovereign democracy or a federal dictatorship?

Please watch ‘Brexit The Movie’ before the referendum, not after. This is the most important political decision we will ever make.

Three of my previous videos on the European Union:

Europe – The Theft of Democracy

The Gathering Storm

Europe Needs A Revolution


Watch this excellent short speech by Daniel Hannan MEP explaining why Britain should leave the EU

Short animated video explaining why we have to leave the EU

How Brussels spends your money. Watch this one minute video:

The EU is a threat to peace

Illuminating visit to the EU’s TTIP reading room. The big stitch-up.

Brussels is strangling small business

Germans find 269 suspected IS terrorists among arriving migrants

The UK Is obliged to accept judgments of European courts

Lord and Lady Kinnock’s £10 million euro gravy train

Illegal migrants flooding into Europe. 1.8 million border breaches in one year

ISIS is exploiting the migrant crisis to infiltrate Europe

Monnet professors are paid by the EU to promote the EU in universities

Vladimir Bukowsky explains why the EU is the new USSR

Germany: Migrant rape epidemic

EU threatens Britain: Accept a quota of migrants or be barred from deporting thousands

The EU has cost Britain an average of £1 billion a month since we joined

Snouts in the trough. Companies who want Britain to stay in the EU receive millions in EU handouts

UK universities are hotbeds of EU propaganda

Corrupt UK universities have been bought by the EU, brainwash students

Next time someone tells you how essential it is for Britain to be in the EU, ask them how much they’re being paid

The arguments for leaving the EU are left-leaning and liberal

Some politicians and big businessmen say the EU is essential to our prosperity. Here’s what they said about the euro. Wrong then, wrong now.

Daniel Hannan MEP: A vision of Britain outside the EU – confident, successful and free

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