Rio Olympics: A simple way to stop the mosquitoes that carry Zika

by Gramfan on June 5, 2016

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Larry is a fountain of information!!

Larry Pickering: Something can be done about Zika…before it affects normal people

Mosquito feeding on blood

Mosquitoes transmit a range of diseases other than Zika… Encephalitis, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Meningitis, West Nile virus and Elephantiasis, etc.

Over one million people die each year from these and hitherto unknown mosquito borne illnesses, yet the only form of eradication of this most dangerous of pests is spraying with Mortein or other bug sprays.

Spraying is a pointless exercise that needs repeating in tropical or sub tropical areas each time it rains.
Although only a female mosquito will bite you, both male and female emit that annoying buzz, so unless you can tell the sexes apart you need to kill both.

The female needs your blood to feed its young and it can only lay its eggs below the surface tension on still or brackish water.

Still water pools are common throughout the endless hillside slums (favelas) that overlook Rio. Thus the Rio problem.

So what’s needed is something, anything, that will break the surface tension on water and that’s the end of the mosquito. And that’s the easy bit.

A tiny amount of any petroleum based substance will break the surface tension on water. No need to trust favela inhabitants to spray Mortein, all that’s needed is what we Bushies used on our dams and water holes each year… a tiny drop of kerosene.

So get hold of a 737, fill it with JetA1, wait until the wind is favourable and drop the lot in a misty fog on Rio’s environs. No more Zika or any of the mosquito-borne viruses or diseases.
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