Meet Tucson’s (terror-linked) Muslim diaspora

by 1389 on May 27, 2016

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Islamic Center of Tucson

Creeping Shari’a has the story:

Amazing piece of propaganda from taxpayer funded Arizona Public Media (a member of PBS and NPR), titled Meet Tucson’s Muslim Diaspora. Video that wouldn’t embed available at the link. Not the first time AZPM’s Luis Carrion shilled for Islam in Tucson.

No mention that numerous former members of this very mosque have links to Hamas, Osama bin Laden, and helped create al Qaeda (links and detail below). No, it’s all about Islamophobia and ignorant American Islamophobes who are portraying Islam as a religion of terror – despite nearly 20,000 acts of Islamic terrorism since 9/11. Often killing or attempting to kill Americans.

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