Are Portland State students evil?

by 1389 on May 27, 2016

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What else would you call donating money to fund mass murder of Jews?

On YouTube: Hamas is Fantastic!!

Published on May 22, 2016 by Ami Horowitz

Would university students donate money to Hamas to blow up schools and hospitals? Watch and find out!!!

The American Mirror: Portland State students pledge money to help Hamas attack cafes, schools

There apparently are *a lot* of students who will knowingly give financial aid to terrorists.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz, posing as a worker for “American Friends For Hamas,” made a series of provocative statements to students walking on the campus of Portland State University recently, including:

  • “We’re not your father’s terrorist organization, we’ve kind of evolved beyond that.”
  • “We want to fund operations against Israel and the types of attacks we’re talking about are cafes and schools, you know, soft targets.”
  • “Cafes and schools — soft targets. You know, make them feel it.”
  • “The suicide bomber’s all we’ve got. It’s kind of like the poor man’s F-15.”
  • “We want to wipe Israel off the map.”

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Hannity: American College Kids Pledge Money to ‘Wipe Israel Off the Map’

…Horowitz described the experience on Hannity, saying that the people he spoke to were educated, not ignorant, and yet seemed to embrace the idea of killing Jews.

He said that he clearly spelled out that the donations would go toward the killing of Jews.

“This one guy’s response was, ‘I’ve been learning about this in school and I’m happy to help you.’ This is the poison that we’ve been teaching our children for the past decade and this is the manifestation of it.”…

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