Animated children’s video from Qatari school curriculum on Islamic conquest of Europe “sowing destruction”

by Gramfan on May 27, 2016

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On YouTube: Qatari Educational Software on Islamic Conquests in Europe

Published on Apr 21, 2016 by MemriTVVideos

Animated videos posted on the Internet teach children about Islamic conquests in Europe. The videos were produced as educational software for “Boys and Girls,” the children’s section of the Qatari government-owned Internet portal A large number of the portal’s educational videos were posted on various YouTube accounts. One video discusses the conquest of Al-Andalus, which was “in order to spread the light of Islam.” “This is how Islam entered Al-Andalus, where it built a great civilization,” an animated character says. Another video describes the conquest of Belgrade, “the fortified city that was the pride of Europe.” The videos were posted on the Internet in February 2016.

Writes Michael Smith:

While our children are softened and inculcated into the religion of human climate catastrophism, Islam’s little tackers in the Middle East are learning about the Caliphate’s European occupation Mark One.

Their elder brothers in the advance parties (ie the first couple of million fighting age men) are laying the groundwork for Mark Two as we speak.

The Islamic curriculum – informing the next generation about precisely where they’re headed.

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