Fact-Checking “10 Lies You Were Told about Islam” (Part One)

by 1389 on March 11, 2016

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Published on Mar 11, 2016 by Acts17Apologetics

Recently, AllTime10s posted a video titled “10 Lies You Were Told about Islam” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq4BFIoPCLI). The video attempts to respond to various false claims made about Islam and Muslims. However, the “research” for the video was incredibly sloppy, and a number of false statements were made. For instance, “10 Lies You Were Told about Islam” insists that Pew Research has found that only .006625% of Muslims “identify with extremism.” This claim, however, doesn’t come from Pew Research. It comes from the blog of Dave Cecil, who clearly didn’t understand the CNN article he was reading. Ironically, the link provided by AllTimeTens refutes the claim in the video. With such shoddy video research, it’s clear that the video makers need to be more careful.

Here’s the description information AllTime10s provided for “10 Lies You Were Told About Islam”:

“Is Birmingham a Muslim-only city?
Are there hundreds of terrorist training camps dotted all over America?

The media might say yes, but the truth is no. AllTime10s is here to debunk 10 lies you were told about Islam.


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