Bill Warner, PhD: No matter if Obama is a Muslim

by 1389 on March 7, 2016

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Published on Jan 3, 2016 by Political Islam

No Matter if Obama is a Muslim

One of the most common questions is: Is Obama a Muslim? Who knows, but it doesn’t make any difference. He always supports Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sharia. What is important is the Islamification of the US.

Hillary Clinton is not a Muslim but her chief advisor is Huma Abedin. Huma is closely linked with the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary is an apologist for Sharia and Islam.

George Bush is not a Muslim but he advanced Islam with his declaration that Islam is the religion of peace. Bush would not use the word jihad, and gave us the “war on terror”.

The governor of Tennessee is not a Muslim but he only allows Muslims to train Tennessee law enforcement about “terror”.

Schools in America are beginning to adopt Sharia compliant textbooks.

Obama will be gone, but what difference does that make? Our politicians are Islamifying the US without him.

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1 Nicholas Ginex September 20, 2016 at 8:47 pm

You comments were very informative and accurate. However, it does matter that Obama can be characterized as America’s first Muslim-American President. Not to add a lengthy comment to verify my assertion, I direct readers to visit my blog site to read two articles: Obama the First Muslim-American President and,
End Islamic Terrorism
The link is:
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