Bill Warner, PhD: The Many Jihads

by 1389 on March 6, 2016

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Published on Jan 11, 2016 by Political Islam

The Many Jihads

Whenever there is Islamic violence the media uses the word “terror” not jihad. The problem is that the jihad of murder is only one of many types of jihads and it is the least of jihads. The jihad of murder will kill people, but the jihad of money, speech and writing brings us closer to Sharia. Sharia annihilates a civilization.

Civilizational jihad is found in the content of our new textbooks which praise Islam as the greatest of civilizations. These new textbooks are filled with half truths, which cannot be challenged. The jihad of textbooks will destroy the thinking of a generation.

The jihad of money has invaded our universities which reject critical thought about Islam in exchange for donations from the Saudis. The Islamisation of universities is far worse than murder.

Another jihad that is killing us is found in religious dialogues. The idea sounds wonderful, but the ignorant Jews and Christians just smile and nod their heads as they agree that Islam is so wonderful. Debate is absent by consent. And another nail is driven into the coffin of our civilization.

The jihad of murder is the very least of our problems.

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1 Gramfan March 6, 2016 at 5:43 pm

This is a post on a site I read and it never made the news!
Geelong is about 2 hours away from my place. I have not corrected the spelling.

Cut/Paste From Reclaim Australia.

Muslims protest Christians and Christmas by burning down churches and Christmas tree in Geelong.

On 4th December 2015 Muslims burned down two of Geelongs churches in attacks timed to coincide with the new Christmas song play list from Geelongs musical floating Christmas tree.

The Islamic terrorists began there night of jihad with a diversionary attack on the spruhan av Baptist church at 4:15am. There diversionary fire underway the Islamic terrorists then fled round the corner to St Peters Church on Sparks rd were they broke in and at 4:45am ignited the historic church from within making it the third Christian church in Geelong destroyed by Islam this year. Not content they had gotten there anti Christians and Christmas message through they also set fire to one of Geelongs Christmas trees in Little Malop st.

This sort of terrorism is not unheard of in Geelong, in early October members of the local Muslim community had firstly complained about up coming Christmas decorations and asked the Geelong council not the invest the $990,000 in the musical Christmas tree they found offensive. There complaint was given what regard it deserved and the Muslims reminded that in Australia we have religious freedom so in response the Islamic terrorists burned down the 114 year old St John Evangelist church also at 4:15am on Wednesday October 14th.

Geelong is well known for its higher than national average Islamic population and its largely un-reported hi radical Islam following. The staff at Geelongs deakin university have even stated that student statements to a de-radicalization program are no better than the propaganda issued by radical Islamist organizations.

What is so remarkable about the events of the December 4 Christmas church burnings is how similar they are to the Easter church burnings a few month earlier that the media had originally wrongly blamed on victims of sex abuse before going silent after the forth fire at St Davids Anglican Church in Doncaster which thanks to a rapid response was contained within ten minutes of the fire brigades arrival. Before that it was St Mary’s Catholic Church that was put to the match in Dandenong, another area with a hire than the national average Moslem population.

When we look back to the original fires that took place on Monday 30th of March we see the links between the first and most recent fires, the tactics used are so similar they can only be committed by the same group of people. On march 30 at St Mary’s church in St kilder east just like on December 4 a diversionary fire was lit first, They than went straight to St James church in Brighton were they broke in and burned the building from the inside, exactly how they did at st peters church in Geelong.

It is not surprising that we have not discovered the facts until now, the world wide Islamic burning of Christian churches has been covered up in the Australian media. We have not seen the reports of the Muslim militants burning churches and persecution of Christians that has displaced 8000 in Aceh or seen the burning of every Christian church in Egypt this year by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Likewise we have seen the same cover up in reporting of local events, first with the scapegoat of abuse victims than with the lack of reporting. Evan the Geelong advertiser is guilty by not reporting the events of the church burning and Christmas tree burning as part of the same event instead choosing to report the tree burning days later with only a vague reference to the weekend as the time of the attack.

Worse is the fact that after initial reports in main stream media the story was suppressed and the anti Christmas elements of the attacks completely unreported to all but the residents of Geelong who would have noticed if that information was buried. It seams that in Australia we are not just facing active Islamic terrorists but also a nation wide cover up to make shore we will never hear about them until it is to late to stop them

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