Deborah Weiss on free speech threats from the leftist/Islamist alliance

by Gramfan on March 4, 2016

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Published on Feb 19, 2016 by securefreedom

Author Deborah Weiss outlines threats to freedom of expression in the US, Canada, UK and elsewhere instigated by the OIC [a Muslim Brotherhood front group] and enforced by the Obama administration and others.

Meanwhile, Harry Richardson offers 20 Ways To Fight Islamophobia:

CHARTER for Compassion International have recently released a guidebook on Islamophobia.

After reviewing it, we can honestly say we had no idea it was such a problem.

This document gives lots of helpful ways for non-Muslims to reduce Islamophobia. If we had a criticism, it is that it doesn’t do enough to show Muslims how they can also reduce Islamophobia.

The only advice for Muslims contains links to a guidebook which explains:
•    Your rights if federal law enforcement contacts you
•    Your rights if the Department of Homeland Security contacts you
•    Your rights as an airline passenger
•    How to tell if you might be on the no-fly list or a selectee list
•    Your rights if stopped by the police

While this might be useful if you were planning a terrorist attack, we don’t quite see how these would help to reduce Islamophobia. We decided therefore to compile a short guide which can be used as an addition to the original document. Please share this with all of your Muslim friends.

20 Handy Hints to Help Muslims Combat Islamophobic Stereotypes:

1)    No-Go Zones: Believe it or not, nothing stokes the fires of islamophobia like creating your own no-go zone. Pelting police and ambulances with rocks and Molotov cocktails when they enter “your” area does not play well on the six o’clock news. It is guaranteed to fire up the right wing extremists who look for any excuse to portray Muslims in a negative light. Definitely not recommended.

2)    Hiding your wife and daughters under a burka so no one can see them: This may seem like normal dress code in Afghanistan, but to Australians, it’s just plain weird. Traditionally in Australia, wrapping yourself from head to toe in black with just your eyes showing is sinister and creepy. Marrying a girl and then being so paranoid that you won’t let anyone else see her is also considered sinister and creepy. If you can bear to let other people see her face at least, it will go a long way to reducing Islamophobia, particularly if you are on Cronulla beach perving at Aussie girls in bikinis.

3)    Making non-Muslims buy Halal food without realising and then slugging them with a hefty bill for the privilege: Have you been on the Halal Choices facebook page lately? Even when Bilal Skaf and his mates were gang raping girls and calling them “Aussie sluts” I never saw Islamophobia like this. The message from Aussies is clear. Whatever else you might defile, keep your hands off their vegemite.

4)    Engaging in or financing terrorism: This has been proven statistically to increase irrational fears of Islam among non-believers. Definitely avoid doing this, particularly if you are a high profile imam or a leader of a Muslim charity/civil rights organisation.

5)    Taharrush: This may be a popular pastime in Islamic countries but in the West, it is a bit of a no-no. In fact it is so rare, that Europeans don’t even have a word for it. Going into a crowd with 1,000 of your mates, surrounding some unsuspecting female and then pack raping her is not culturally acceptable to infidels. Doing it to TV reporter Lara Logan in Egypt lead to a surge in Islamophobia. Doing it to Western women in their own country will enforce negative stereotypes even more, particularly when they invited you in out of sympathy for your plight. We recommend giving this a miss.

6)    Calling your kids Mohammed: If you do get into trouble, the press will do their best to prevent outbreaks of Islamophobia. They will very sensitively refer to you as “Asians” or “people of Mediterranean appearance.” When two thirds of you are called Mohammed however, it kind of gives the game away. There are thousands of boy’s names to choose from, so come on mum, get creative!

7)    Blowing up Aussies in a holiday resort and then laughing and joking at your murder trial: You wouldn’t need to be a PR genius to work this one out. Although we don’t have firm data, anecdotal evidence suggests that this behaviour causes widespread Islamophobia. Definitely not recommended.

8)    Murdering Jews: Strange as it may sound, genocide of the Jews is still a touchy subject for non-Muslims, particularly in Europe. Blowing up your local Israeli embassy not only increases Islamophobia, it also decreases support for terrorist political organisations like Hamas. So if you’ve slaughtered a bunch of cartoonists and have a couple of spare clips left in the Kalashnikov, please resist the temptation to pop down the local kosher shop for an encore.

9)    Honour killings: You have just caught your brother raping your daughter. The natural reaction is to grab the biggest knife you can find and kill, kill, kill. Then, once justice has been done, you sit down with your brother and ask him to never do this again. Hold it right there champ! No need to give these haters any excuses. In the West (as in the rest of the civilised world) retribution is generally taken against the perpetrator rather than the victim.

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