#Caturday, January 23, 2016: Mom cat refused to be separated from her babies

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Mother cat with kittens
Mill Road Veterinary Clinic

Express (UK): The mother who refused to be separated from her babies: Cat returns to find her kittens

A DEVOTED mother cat has become a global sensation because of her determined efforts to find her missing kittens.

The beautiful tabby never gave up hope when her three-week-old kittens were taken away and dumped outside a vets.

Somehow the mother cat¹s innate senses helped her trace her four youngsters and then find away to stage an incredible reunion.

It was a day after a box with the tiny tabbies was left on the doorstep of the Mill Road Veterinary Clinic in Whangarei, New Zealand, that staff became aware of a tabby behaving strangely outside.

Even when dogs were being brought the front doors, the tabby showed no fear and made desperate efforts to barge her way into the clinic.

When one of the staff picked her up, the reason for her desperation was clear.

The adult tabby was not only a nursing female cat but as soon as she was introduced to the kittens it was obvious she was their mother.

“Even when dogs came through the door, this cat was trying to muscle its way through,” said veterinarian Julie Wells.

“We noticed a tabby cat hanging around our front door, trying to sneak in every time a client arrived.

“When we realized the cat wasn’t going to go away, we picked her up and discovered she was a feeding mum.

“We will need to find homes for them all. Mum and kittens are all completely adorable, so hopefully it won’t be difficult,” added the vet.

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