Sweden: State-funded rifle-shooting practice for Muslim refugees

by 1389 on January 22, 2016

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Says Robert Spencer:
“Relax. It’s just the biathlon. What could possibly go wrong?”

Laddade för prickskytte

Pamela Geller has the story:

No, this is not the Onion. But it is madness.

Why would Sweden give sniper training to Muslim refugees?

This story from the Swedish publication Allehanda is from 2013, but it is well worth revisiting now. Is this training continuing? Where are the Muslim migrants who have gone through this training now? What are they doing?

Allehanda’s original article now contains this “clarification” in English: “Because of the recent international citations of the 2013 Allehanda article ‘Laddad för prickskytte’, I as News Editor feel that a few clarifications are in order. Several websites refers to the immigration project in Sollefteå as ‘sniper training’. This is not a correct description. The word sniper training implies military combat education which is something completely different from this. Although the refugees in the pictures can be seen holding what looks like sniper rifles, it is in fact biathlon sports equipment. Biathlon is since the 1960s recognised as an Olympic discipline, and the Sollefteå Ski High School runs an international upper secondary school programme for elite competitors. This is where the refugees were invited to try rifle shooting, the only element of biathlon possible in the summer. It was done by the authorities as part of their work with local immigration. I hope this clarifies the circumstances surrounding this article.”

So it supposedly wasn’t sniper training, but rifle shooting, and that makes it OK?

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1 Lwesson January 22, 2016 at 3:46 pm

So this is what full blown National & Race Suicide looks like? A kind of Twilight Zone on hyper steroids, with old Rod Serling chain smoking like a crazed fiend? Not The ONION, no the real deal. WOW!

The Swedes have lost me here with this kind of moronic action. Not only do they allow ALIENS in whose whole mental upbringing revolves to terminate non believers, who do not in the least look like any Swede, or European, but “Here have a gun, a sniper gun, oh here is the ammo. Oh wait, here I will shoot myself for you.” BANG!

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