Paris attacks: Eagles of Death Metal frontman supported Christianity, Israel

by 1389 on December 31, 2015

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BizPac Review: Why Paris terrorists wanted THIS American rocker DEAD

Chilling new details have emerged in the Nov. 13 slaughter of 90 concert-goers at the Bataclan theater, as investigators dig through mounds of evidence. The killers were seeking Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes, according to information leaked to French newspaper Le Figaro, British tabloid the Daily Express reported Monday.

After the band ran from the stage, when the shooting began, one of the killers shouted, “Where’s the singer? Where are the Yanks?” He then played a xylophone left on the stage as other members of the Islamic State kill squad searched for Hughes, the newspaper reported.

Rocker Hughes, now a conservative Christian and ardent gun-rights supporter, has, put mildly, a colorful past.

Nicknamed “The Devil,” he recently was the subject of a film titled “The Redemption of the Devil,” which follows Hughes through his journey to God.

The film follows Jesse as he becomes ordained as a Catholic minister, his relationship with former adult film star Tuesday Cross becomes progressively intense and his passion for conservative politics leads him to seriously consider re-entering the political arena. At times, Jesse’s life seems endlessly explosive as he preaches the righteous and the right-wing with a gun in hand, while the ongoing battle for custody of his only child plays out in the wings.

It seems that the ISIS cell had Hughes in its sights, and the mass killing at the Bataclan was not a random choice. The Eagles of Death Metal are strong supporters of Israel, and have played Tel Aviv, the newspaper reported.
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1 Uncle Vladdi January 1, 2016 at 5:09 pm

Bullshit. He was interviewed last year and is a pacifist libtard who pandered to islam.
The real reason they attacked the Bataclan is that it’s owned by Jews.

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