Ghosts of Cyprus: Wounds of war still open 40 years after conflict

by 1389 on December 17, 2015

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This documentary shows so many similarities to Kosovo…

The Turkish invasion of Cyprus is despicable as it is a completely illegal takeover of territory. After reading up on the history of what happened in Cyprus you realize that Turkey keeps getting a free pass on whatever it does. Denial of Armenian Genocide, Invasion of Cyprus, Persecution of Kurds, Violation of Greek territory, Smuggling of Oil for Islamic State, Dumping of Refugees on Europe, Shooting down a Russian jet, and now an Invasion of Iraq….and this is a NATO member soon to be an EU member!

It is ridiculous that US/NATO is criticizing Russia over Ukraine!

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Since 1974 Cyprus has been divided into two parts – Greek and Turkish. The bloody conflict that preceded it is still fresh in the memory of Cypriots. The ethnic violence that erupted on the island in the sixties resulted in a Greek coup d’état in 1974. This was followed by the deployment of Turkish troops, military conflict, and the division of the island into two mutually resentful parts. Today, Greek and Turkish volunteers are working together to find the bodies of those who went missing 40 years ago. In doing so, they bring peace to the relatives and, hopefully, will initiate the reconciliation of their nations.


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