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by Gramfan on December 12, 2015

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This is one of the best pieces I have read about Ned Kelly, and I have read a lot so I totally agree with this assessment. See: Was Ned Unaustralian?

However, most conservatives think of him as a true outlaw. He stands out because, unlike the US, we did not have very many outlaws although we started off as a penal colony with many Irish convicts and Ned was a descendant of one of them.

Compared to Squizzy Taylor, he was an amateur! People seem to forget this.

Ned was anti-establishment and for very good reasons. He and his family were victims of the establishment as mentioned in the article.

Many descendants from the Kelly family are alive today.

He has become an Australian icon.

He is the subject of many Sidney Nolan paintings which are world famous, showing Ned in his armour which he fashioned from ploughs. Here is but one:

There have been songs about him. An entire musical for that matter…

Jon English & the Cast of “Ned Kelly”- What Else Is New?

Published on Dec 3, 2012 by 1621Rosie

The Rock Opera “Ned Kelly” was written by Reg Livermore and Patrick Flynn.

This album was recorded in 1974.

It starred Jon English as Ned Kelly, Trevor White as Aaron Sherritt, Reg Livermore as Sergeant Hare, Janice Slater as Ma Kelly, Arthur Dignam as Constable Fitzpatrick, Tony Rose as Constable McIntyre.

Included also were John Paul Young, or John Young as he was known then, and Peter Chambers as other Kelly gang members.

On this track: Jon English, Trevor White, John Paul Young, Peter Chambers and Arthur Dignam.

There have been many films and documentaries about him as well. In fact one of the first films ever made here was about him and it was made in 1906.

In 2007, The Story of the Kelly Gang was inscribed on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register for being the world’s first full-length narrative feature film.

He has been portrayed by the likes of the late Heath Ledger and also by Sir Mick Jagger. Sir Mick certainly didn’t have the build to be a convincing Ned but the music was great and it was done by the late Waylon Jennings who was actually a member of Buddy Holly’s group, The Crickets.

Waylon Jennings…Blame it on the Kellys and Ranchin’ in the Evenin

Uploaded on Jun 9, 2009 by Eddie

Jennings fortuitously lost the coin toss as to who would get into the plane that killed Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Richie Valens. Jennings never quite got over this. That was ‘The Day The Music Died’ according to Don MacLean in his song “American Pie”.

On the other hand Ned’s armour fitted the late Heath Ledger perfectly!

Oddly enough, although it was a flop, I didn’t mind Jagger’s Kelly. He was cast because he was perceived as ‘rebellious’ which, back then, he was.

Possibly he still is but the fact that he was knighted, and that he accepted this knighthood, disappointed some of his fans, and also fellow Stone Keith Richards. But I digress.

The best version of the Ned Kelly story, in my opinion, is a miniseries called “The Last Outlaw” (1906).

Glenrowan Tourist Centre
The scene of his capture at Glenrowan is a popular tourist destination.

Now we have even more reasons to be anti-establishment because our government will NOT protect us. Instead, it makes us the victims of the Muslims who defile our country.

Our new Prime Minister is one of those ‘Kumbaya’ types who inhabit most countries in the west.

He is about to sell us down the drain to the UN as he is a climate change believer, which is why Tony Abbott had to be ‘removed’.

We should be looking to Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu for true leadership because they are among the few leaders who are willing to protect their citizens.

Is it any wonder that a new party, The Australian Liberty Alliance, has been formed? Our two main parties are hard to tell apart now that Malcolm Turnbull is PM. He will not get my vote. It will go to the Australian Liberty Alliance because they are aware of the problems we face.

Here is a terrific speech by Bernard Gaynor, one of their candidates. See: ALA Senate Candidate Struts His Stuff.

I wonder what Ned Kelly would think of all this were he alive today? We will never know but we have even more reasons to be anti-establishment now than Ned ever did!

On YouTube:

Published on Nov 3, 2015 by Dougald Hendrick

“his-butt” tahrir are an extreme radical islamic political group.

It would do well for all Aussies to actually look up their web page in Australia. It fairly well declares war on our culture, laws, and our freedoms.

This pack of mutts should be outlawed here, as they are in many other countries as way too radical, and in teaching and promoting civil unrest and violence as a means to their goal of ultimate rule of the globe as an islamic run caliphate, with all the attendant shit that goes with this evil cult.

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