Finally: The end of private halal certification in Australia

by Gramfan on November 13, 2015

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(I don’t quite agree that Kosher and halal are the same.)

Kirralie Smith

Pickering Post has the story:

CORRUPTION. Extortion. Price fixing. Involuntary funding of religion by unwilling consumers. Links to extremism and terrorism. It’s all about to end. The Australian Federal Government is moving to snuff out the 33 or more private halal certifiers from our food chains.

The self claimed ‘halal millionaires’ and profiteers will either need to retire, find other means to extort monies or move overseas to other unsuspecting consumer markets. One Australian halal businessman now has his eyes on wider halal prizes with offices in South America, China and Ireland.

As more governments wake up to the ‘private halal certification’ scam, with all its systemic problems there will come a global push for one internationally recognised, corruption free, halal certification standard, a singular intergovernmental trademarked logo possibly under the auspices of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) which regulates international trade.

That’s not to say there won’t be internal corruption, after all we are talking about a cultural mindset where power and money corrode moral virtues. But any internal corruption will have widespread ramifications for a body like the WTO, or any individuals or companies mixed up in it, damaging the ‘halal’ brand.

In Australia the federal government will soon set up its own singular agency, certification and trademarked stamp. This is nothing revolutionary or radical.

Every Islamic country has just one ‘halal’ agency or government department.

Australia has an unregulated mess of private businessmen and profiteering Islamic bodies whose annual reports show that millions of dollars are being bled from consumers’ pockets then redistributed to Islamic causes here and overseas. These causes range from directly funding mosques and Islamic schools in Australia and Islamic countries, to donations to Islamic charities with known links to banned terrorist organisations.

The 1981-’82 Woodward Royal Commission into the Australian Meat Industry recommended one halal government stamp, one government body. That was never implemented, resulting in the growth of an unregulated market of halal cowboys. Islamic industry players point the finger at each other, fighting for the spoils, accusing others of corruption and price fixing.

Consumer hostility is white hot with ‘boycott halal’ sites and social media sites attracting tens of thousands of followers.

Halal will never go away as long as there are Muslims. Australia benefits enormously from the halal export market. Halal itself is not the issue.

The Australian certification system is the issue, a system which was originally designed for meat exports to Islamic countries has morphed into a monster with its claws in the wallets and purses of every Australian. Over 80 per cent of our supermarket purchases is halal certified, funding Islamic causes – 80 per cent of domestic groceries funding a religion that represents two per cent of the Australian population.
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