Let Russia finish the job in Syria!

by 1389 on October 20, 2015

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Letter to the Sunday Times of London published:

A hearty thank you to Dr. Pravica. His letters get published, and his letters are not lengthy, but eloquent and to the point. We can learn from him how to write successful letters to editors. Bravo!

From: Dr. Michael Pravica
Sent: Monday, October 19, 2015 1:46 PM

[This edited letter below was written in response to the recent claim in the UK press that RAF jets had the “authorization” to shoot down Russian jets in Syria. I don’t know if it was actually published in England but it definitely was published in Scotland, Ireland, and Ulster based on a Factiva search. MP]

The Sunday Times
London, England
United Kingdom

October 18, 2015


Russia was invited by a sovereign nation — Syria — to help defeat terrorist rebels who have been supplied and trained by the West with the objective of removing a dictator: Bashar al-Assad.

The western coalition supporting the anti-Assad rebels was not invited.

In the interest of ending this costly and deadly fiasco, it is high time to let the Russians finish the job that was started by the West and end the Isis terror once and for all.

Dr Michael Pravica Nevada, USA

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