Middle East news: Honest Reporting Canada challenges CBC’s anti-Israel reporting

by 1389 on October 17, 2015

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Published on Oct 15, 2015 by Rebel Media
TheRebel.media’s Middle East correspondent Igal Hecht reports:

* Palestinian President Abbas’ Wednesday speech did not include calls to de-escalate terror attacks on Israelis

* Israeli authorities called Abbas’ claims that a 13 year old Palestinian boy had been executed a lie — in fact he is receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital

* CBC continues to minimize the recent terror attacks, through their biased choice of words and images that depict Palestinians as victims rather than perpetrators. The CBC hasn’t aired any of the widely available footage of Israelis being randomly attacked

HonestReportingCanada has singled out CBC reporter Margaret Evans for “whitewashing” her reports from Israel:

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