Another Canadian reporter votes in niqab — and this time it’s worse #cdnpoli

by 1389 on October 17, 2015

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Published on Oct 13, 2015 by Rebel Media


Ezra Levant of reports:

As we showed you last week at, anyone can vote in the Canadian election while wearing a Muslim face-mask called a niqab.

Over the weekend, it got worse. Another reporter, Ilana Shneider with, put on a niqab and voted in the advance poll in Willowdale, Ontario.

As you can see, at no time did Shneider ever remove her face mask. But worse, unlike Menzies, at no time was she even asked to swear that it was really her, or show a second piece of ID.
This is nuts. It’s part political correctness, part sharia law.

Just this month, the Muslim country of Egypt banned women from voting if they’re wearing a niqab. But in Canada, we’ve normalized it — and destroyed the integrity of our elections.

This is an outrage. Please share this video with your friends. And click here to sign our petition to ban voting while wearing any face mask at:

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