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by CzechRebel on October 8, 2015

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Published on Oct 6, 2015 by Rebel Media
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Ezra Levant announces NEW plans for, and he wants you to be part of them! online news network was launched in February 2015. Since then, we’ve created over 1500 short news videos that have received almost 10,000,000 views.

NEXT, wants to bring you hour-long programs — a real prime-time lineup — and that requires a real studio.

VISIT and please give today!

New technology will let The Rebel produce professional shows without a traditional studio. Ezra takes you on a VIRTUAL TOUR of this technology.

So here’s the PLAN: will keep bringing you about 50 items each week: podcasts, videos, columns, news stories and blog posts. Those will stay free to everyone, forever.

BUT NOW The Rebel will add a premium one-hour TV show EVERY NIGHT. It’ll go onto the internet at 8pm ET/6pm MT. If you miss it, though, you can watch it whenever you like.

VISIT and please give today!

Construction is already underway. The new software is here.THE GOAL is to be ready to bring you LIVE election night results with Brian Lilley on October 19.

This new premium programming will stay FREE for the first month or so.

After that, it will be available for $8/month, or $80 a year if you buy the whole year at once. (Remember: The rest of will stay free to you, forever.)

The Build The Dream crowdfunding project goal is $85,000. (That’s what the CBC burns through, in your tax dollars, every 40 minutes!)

That $85,000 covers electrical upgrades, new lighting, the Tricaster software and all the new equipment, retrofitting and construction.

WATCH this video to see how your donation of $42.50 or more will get your name inscribed in a symbolic brick on the studio’s wall!

It’s pretty exciting stuff, and Ezra and everyone at The Rebel wants you to be part of it.

VISIT and please give today! THANK YOU!

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