Why did Congress capitulate on Obama’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal?

by 1389 on September 29, 2015

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Iran Truth – Timeline of Lies

Published on Sep 8, 2015 by securefreedom
They told us we needed a good deal, then gave away everything they promised to get. This bad deal is much worse than no deal.

Turns out it was never about the nukes.

Rush Limbaugh follows the money:

…But, folks, the big reason for all of this is money. At the end of the day, it’s always about money. It always has been about money in politics. It’s just more prevalent now than ever. Do you know why we did the Iran deal, just for example?

You know why the Corker Bill exists as it does, why there’s never any serious effort to stop Obama in making the Iran deal? Do you have any idea? It was money. There was a news story, I think it was the UK Daily Mail. If not, it was something similar. The Iranian national airline, such as it is, is falling apart. Their aircraft are old and dilapidated, and because the sanctions have been in place, they’ve been unable to buy new aircraft, replacement aircraft or parts to repair what they have now.

So basically their national airline is a joke. They in Iran, the mullahs, have ordered a number of replacement aircraft, made by Boeing. Boeing therefore wants the deal. But in order for the deal to happen $150 billion in frozen Iranian assets needs to be unfrozen. Now, Boeing is a contributor to the Republican Party. I wish I could remember what newspaper I read this in. Off the top of my head, I think it’s the Daily Mail, but it might very easily could be something else.

But the bottom line was that Republican politicians, elected officials basically had to please a very well-to-do donor or series of donors that were going to be able to engage in new business with Iran if the sanctions were lifted. If you look at the Corker Bill, all it was about was lifting the sanctions by statute. Now, this is very important. The Corker Bill secured the sanctions being lifted by statute. You know I was watching the last Republican debate.

It was an exchange between Ted Cruz and I think it was Kasich. They were having an argument on what you do if Iran cheats on the deal, and Cruz was making it very clear that we were never gonna find out if Iran cheated because they were in total control of the inspection process. And they are. If we want to lodge a complaint, it’s 24 days before we can take action, and they have to grant us permission to come in. But they, the Iranians, by virtue of this deal, do their own inspection first. So it’s a joke.

There is no inspection process.

There is no verification whatsoever. And Kasich was saying to Cruz, “Look if they violate it, we just slap the sanctions back on!” And I’m yelling at the TV, “No, we can’t ‘slap the sanctions back on’ ’em. They have been lifted by statute.” The sanctions have not been lifted temporarily, and they’ve not been lifted per se as part of the deal. They have been lifted by virtue of the Corker Bill which is a statutory law. The statutes have thus maintained that the Iranians are gonna get their $150 billion whether they cheat or not.

So the Iranian nuclear deal, when it comes to the debate in Washington, never really was about Iran and nuclear weapons. It was about money, economic news. It is about American corporations. And Boeing’s not the only one that want to do business with Iran. And when Iran’s got $150 billion freed up that’s been frozen, they can buy enough terrorism with that and have some left over to revamp their airline. I’m gonna have to find out what… It was Bloomberg that had this story.

It was Bloomberg News that had the story that it was Boeing and Airbus combined that wanted to make a deal with Iran on new aircraft for this dilapidated Iranian airline. Now, all the while this debate’s raging, we’re treated to story after story that the parameters of the debate center on whether or not it makes sense that Iran permitted to get a nuclear weapon. It was never what this was about. And all of us were incredulous about the Corker Bill. Why even do it?

If you’re the Senate and you oppose Obama and you oppose Iran having nukes, just insist on the treaty clause, just insist on this being a treaty. If you just do that, you solve the problem. Then you need two-thirds of it Senate to ratify it, and it’s not automatic. But the Corker Bill went into action and reversed the whole procedure for the treaty and basically turned this into nothing more than a statutory elimination or lifting of the sanctions.

So all the while these elected officials are telling us they’re gonna stop Obama and Obamacare and they’re gonna stop Obama on amnesty and illegal immigration. That’s not what’s going on. What’s going on is that their donors are demanding that they get this and that from the Republicans in term of policy and votes. And that’s who the Republican officials in Washington, elected officials are loyal to. So you can call that political system being corrupted or what have you.

The point is, Ted Cruz was aware of all of this, and he decided there was no way since he’s so vastly outnumbered in the Senate that what he instead did was work with the conservative members in the House to strength them, to focus them. Not that they needed it, but just to form some unity and have a coordinated effort that was aimed at Boehner’s resignation, since Cruz was not gonna be able to engineer a similar thing in the Senate because he was basically a party of one.
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