Australia: Where to now? #auspol

by Gramfan on September 28, 2015

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The Pickering Post has the story:

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, “the Story Of Mohammed – Islam Unveiled’,


How tragically ironic that Tony Abbott was dumped as PM some two weeks after vindication of his bravest and most controversial policy.

His popularity rating had been on the nose among Australians generally and the Liberals in particular. In Europe however, he would have been guaranteed a walk in gig as Prime Minister in any one of a dozen desperate countries right now.

How quickly we forget his contribution to the viability of this nation. He had barely unpacked his budgie smugglers when he launched his attack. He blindsided not only the bloodthirsty people smugglers, but also the gigantic bloodsucking multicultural industry.

In one brilliantly executed coup, the entire “compassionate” Left were exposed. Suddenly we all saw that the hands which had reached out in welcome had blood dripping from them. Even John Howard, the perennial political survivor was left with his mouth open.

Sarah Hanson-Young would never again be able to claim that tragedies “happen all the time”. Everyone now knew that it was her stupid policies which had created this human wreckage. Everyone, that is except Angela Merkel. Her, and all of the Left wing diehards who still refuse to believe the evidence of their own lyin’ eyes.

Angela was clearly racked by guilt over what the Nazis did to the Jews. This is quite understandable given the circumstances. A professional counsellor might have explained however, that few Germans alive today had any part in this tragedy.

Unfortunately, she felt that she needed to assuage Germany’s collective shame by offering a home to 800,000 of the most virulently anti-semitic people that Europe had seen since….well, since the Nazis.

Clearly she hadn’t consulted with the Jewish community before formulating this policy.

She clearly hadn’t consulted with Tony Abbott either. Had she done so, she might have airlifted in the predominantly Christian and Yazidi victims huddled in camps in Turkey and Syria.

Instead she decided to make it a, “first past the post” marathon. The glittering prize was a shiny new German passport with a built in supply of endless welfare payments.

Not surprisingly, the first (but surely not last) wave of contestants were not the traumatised victims of Islamic aggression. They were the fittest, fastest, richest and most advantaged Muslims of the region.

They streamed across Europe’s porous borders just as fast as their Nike Airs would carry them.

The Press has so far failed to notice that these people also represent the exact same demographic that has been streaming into Syria for the last couple of years to fight for the Islamic State and other fanatical suicidal jihadist groups.

Whilst the events of the last couple of weeks have seemed astonishing, they were entirely predictable and resulted from two terrible ideas. Once you understand just how bad these ideas are, the coming European disasters are also entirely predictable.
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