On the ouster of Tony Abbott #auspol

by Gramfan on September 15, 2015

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Two days ago, Tony Abbott was challenged as leader of the governing party and he lost. He was not doing too well in the polls – true.

I suppose you can’t have a good man being a good leader but it seems a bad man makes a good leader. I think history shows this.

I suppose we will never know if he would have won another election but his replacement – Malcolm Turnbull – often referred to as the Member for Goldman-Sachs, or Malcolm Turncoat – is not the one who is popular with most conservative Australians, and that includes me.

He is the Australian equivalent for RINO.

Larry Pickering says all this a lot better than I can.

Larry Pickering: LIBS LURCH LEFT RATHER THAN LOSE … and it will be a high price to pay

The measure of a man is not how high he climbed but who he climbed over and Malcolm Turnbull had borrowed one of Bill Shorten’s knives. Over many dark nights he moved on Abbott’s deputy who had an intense hatred for Peta Credlin.

He used that hatred to his advantage and gave Julie Bishop a foolproof way to get rid of Credlin once and for all and keep her beloved Foreign Affairs portfolio at the same time, if only she could accept Abbott as collateral damage. And she did that with a smile.

Wow! Why would the Libs think for a moment that Turnbull can be a part of their future, are they mad? Ten votes decided this (a differential of five) and now the Libs look like a desperate Party that went looking for a Rudd to save the furniture.

And the Rudd analogy isn’t far off when you consider the betrayal, the backgrounding and the leaking, the conspiratorial treachery and ruthlessly meticulous, dead-of-night planning it took to bring down a first term PM.

Abbott has been on death row since February this year, he had to go, but not this way. His method of execution leaves an adjacent cell empty and waiting for his executioners.

Abbott was right when he said the Libs were better than this. Well Tony ‘ol mate, they USED to be better than this, but loyalty and honour died with Menzies and Gorton.

Treachery may have got Turnbull, Bishop and others what they wanted but their victory is temporary and only a pyrrhic one. They have cleaved the Party in two and destroyed what was once the difference between Labor and the Libs… a small matter of loyalty.

Turnbull stood there with that pious smirk on his face, beside him was Abbott’s former woman, a woman he trusted, a woman to whom he thought loyalty meant something… like loyalty meant something to him, with Joe, Bronwyn and Peta. Despite the fact they were unintentionally helping to bring him down, he stayed true, and that should mean something.
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Lord Christopher Monckton: Behind the left’s push to remove Tony Abbott

Published on Feb 8, 2015 by Studio Solutions
Could Aussie Prime Minister Tony Abbott be truly the last man standing between the radical left and their plan to have every country in agreement to bring about a new global ruling body? The end-game behind “climate change” (previously “global warming”) is revealed.

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1 Gramfan September 15, 2015 at 11:13 pm

This link, which I found later, says it all.

It’s long but revealing.

I think he is like an Australian Obama!

He wanted to be PM – didn’t care which party he belonged to as long as he was PM.
No integrity whatsoever.
It’s a sad time for us here. The anger is palpable and I doubt the conservatives will vote for him.
I won’t!
The creep got rid of Abbott just 4 days before Abbott was entitled to his future Prime ministerial
lurks and perks. How petty can you get?

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