Death of Christian Europe: Pope Francis asks Roman Catholics to welcome Muslim invaders

by 1389 on September 8, 2015

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Is the Pope Catholic?
Or is he just another leftist contributing to the overthrow of western civilization?

According to USA Today, the Pope calls on Catholics to shelter Europe’s migrants. Problem is, these overwhelmingly Muslim migrants aren’t refugees at all, and as such, they have no valid claim on Christian charitable giving. In fact, they are an invading army of young, fit males who are on the march to Europe’s wealthiest states, where gullible governments provide a cushy “social safety net” for anyone who can masquerade as a refugee or an asylum-seeker. As Robert Spencer points out, these migrants are colonizing Europe in the name of Islam.

Muslim migrants show absolutely no respect whatsoever for the lands that they are invading or for the native citizenry therein. Case in point: This is how the Highway from Hungary to Austria looks like on the Austrian side after this “welcome refugees weekend” (h/t: Guggi).

As if all that were not enough, ISIS reveals that it has smuggled thousands of jihadis into Europe, hidden amongst these “innocent” refugees.

Andrew Bolt: The Pope blesses the dying of Christian Europe

The Pope urges Christian Europe to make room for Muslims from the Middle East:

The Vatican’s two parishes would take in two refugee families ”in the coming days”, he said, setting an example for more than 50,000 other parishes across the continent.

So that’s perhaps 500,000 “refugees” – predominantly Muslims – to be taken in by Christian parishes, if all follow the example of their rich headquarters.

But what of the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, expected to follow? What does the Pope say of them?

Must they also be taken in? Or is there some limit where even the Pope one day cries “too many!”

Here is just one of the UNHCR camps, housing just some of the 4 million Syrian refugees – and around the world are another 11 million refugees:

UNHCR camp for Syrian refugees

How many does the Pope want?

And what of the oppression of Europe’s Christians that is bound to now increase? Remember why so many Christians have already fled the very region from which these new immigrants come:

Christians face religious persecution in more countries than any other religious group, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center.

Persecution has resulted in a sharp decline of the Christian population in the Middle East, according to the New York Times. In Iraq, less than half a million Christians are left since many have already left after being targeted by extremists for more than a decade, a Times report said…

In Syria, President Bashar Assad has allowed Christians to leave the country since the civil war broke out in 2011.

Nearly a third of Syria’s estimated 600,000 Christians have fled, having been driven out by terrorist groups like the Nusra Front and now ISIS, the Times said.

So does the Pope say Europe should welcome only the Christian Syrians? No.

Will his plan further dilute Christianity in Europe and place Christians and Jews in more danger? Yes.

Indeed, some Christians report persecution from Muslims even in refugee camps in Europe. This same fear means Christian refugees tend to avoid UNHCR refugee camps in the Middle East, which in turn means they are therefore less likely to be registered as refugees for resettlement in Europe, as Australia has found.

This Pope, encouraging the dissolution of Christian Europe, was the man predicted in Jean Raspail’s brilliant and brutally confronting 1971 satire (or indictment), Camp of the Saints, describing how Europe, frozen with self-loathing, greets an Armada of one million boat people sailing in to help itself to the riches of the West… Continue reading…

On YouTube: Hungary’s Orban: Europe in great danger – Want full border control

Published on Sep 3, 2015 by jessuatwork
Orbán says migrants threaten ‘Christian’ Europe

Hungarian PM’s comments come ahead of his talks in Brussels on the migrant crisis.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered a passionate defense of his government’s controversial refugee policies, casting the debate as a clash of cultures that threatens to undo Europe.

“Europe is not being pressured by a ‘refugee problem’ or a ‘refugee situation,’” he wrote in an op-ed for Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “Rather, the continent is under threat of an ever-growing modern exodus.”

Orbán is meeting in Brussels with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Thursday to discuss the refugee crisis.

His commentary underscores the deep divide between Western and Eastern Europe over how to handle the crisis. Germany and other countries believe Europe has a moral obligation to help the refugees, an argument Orbán firmly rejected.

He said Europe’s focus needed to be on protecting its borders, not letting in more refugees. Hungary lies on the main route for refugees from Syria and other troubled on their way to northern Europe and has struggled to manage the influx.

Budapest is constructing a wire fence to keep the refugees at bay, but so far it has had little impact.

“The protection of our borders is the first and most important question,” Orbán said in his piece for the conservative daily. “There is no point in discussing any other issue until the flood has been halted.”

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1 Gramfan September 8, 2015 at 7:37 pm

As is often the case the Catholic Church is on the wrong side as it was during Hitler’s regime.

It is no wonder Obama likes him so much.

After all, he has joined the church of Climate Change also.What a disappointment!
Different religion – same indulgences as the Medici popes issued!

It was Italy that gave us Galileo and had Galileo lived in this pope’s reign it is clear what
this pope ‘s attitude would have been.

He will be the last Pope at this rate. That has been prophesied.

There is a church in Rome called “St Paul’s Inside The Walls”. I have been there.
There are mosaic portraits of all the Popes just under the ceiling.
That was in the 1990’s when John Paul was Pope and I actually saw him when we went to St Peter’s Square.

There were 3 spaces left: Our tour guide said that when theses spaces were filled urban legend has it that there would be no more Popes. Well,,now most of these spaces have been filled – bar one.

My intention is not to offend Catholics but if I were one I would never go to church again.This Marxist pope does not represent many Catholics that I know.Most are disgusted with him.

I am beginning to think that the Borgia pope, Alexander,although about as irreligious as one could be,
had more going for him.

What a useless piece of humanity Francis is!

2 Jack September 9, 2015 at 2:19 pm

Well, I think this is definitely a nice step from Pope towards the fusion of two of world’s biggest religions. This will increase trust and mutual understand among muslims and Christians.

3 1389 September 9, 2015 at 8:28 pm

@ Jack,

If you had any understanding of what Islam is all about, you would know that Islamic doctrine forbids trust and mutual understanding with non-Muslims.

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