ISIS posts Australian hit list after hacking addresses, mobile numbers

by 1389 on August 13, 2015

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The tentacles of the Islamic State reach everywhere.

Canberra Times has the story:

Islamic State has hacked the personal information of Australian Defence Force employees and their relatives, a Victorian MP, and several public servants, and urged home-grown terrorists to attack them, in a chilling online breach.

Many of the Australians whose mobile phone numbers, email addresses, online passwords, and home suburbs were published had no idea their safety had been compromised until contacted by Fairfax Media on Wednesday.

Islamic State bragged for hours on social media about the dump of information relating to more than 1400 people, most of them supposedly US military personnel, and accompanied it with a terrifying call-to-arms.
But Australian authorities were caught on their heels, with Defence personnel and the Victorian MP among those who were unaware of the hack.

This is despite Australia’s most senior Islamic State militant, former Melbourne man and terror recruiter Neil Prakash, posting links to the information on social media about 4.30am on Wednesday.

Much, much more here…

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1 Marc August 14, 2015 at 10:00 am

In the Australian case at least, the ‘hacking’ has been debunked. The information on Australian personnel was years out-of-date and was likely obtained from publically available web sources. The Australian govt was not ‘caught on its heels’ but was unaware of the hack because it never happened. The Auzzies have sophisticated intrusion-detection software on sensitive servers which would have picked up any basic entry attempts by IS. The hacking claim by IS is empty braggadocio as they pretend to possess cyber skills they don’t really have.
The premier hacker in the ME is Iran, not a cyber-primitive outfit like IS…

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