Italian Mafia cashes in on the Muslim migration onslaught

by 1389 on July 25, 2015

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The Cosa Nostra has never had the interests of the Italian people at heart. It’s all about power and profit for themselves, at the expense of Italians who are footing the bill.

Financial Times has the story:

Italy’s organised crime groups have demonstrated devious ingenuity in everything from drug trafficking and prostitution to extortion and counterfeiting.

Now they have found a new source of illicit profits: the migration crisis that has seen thousands of asylum-seekers land on Italian shores after crossing the Mediterranean Sea from north Africa.

The care and feeding of such migrants may end up costing the Italian government as much as €800m per year, with it offering private individuals, companies and non-profit organisations up to €35 a day per person to host them. That includes a daily pocket money allowance of €2.50 that hosts are supposed to pay directly to the refugees.

Those funds have proven irresistible to the Mafia, according to Italian prosecutors and watchdog groups, who say criminal groups have succeeded at rigging the awarding of the contracts for the management of migrant reception centres in several high-profile cases.

“This is a very widespread problem. Welcoming migrants has become a big business,” says Gabriella Stramaccioni, who is charge of social policy at Libera, an anti-Mafia organisation. “We believe many centres are involved, in several cities,” she adds.

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1 Uncle Vladdi July 26, 2015 at 4:49 pm

Grumpy, you should re-blog the whole article – I don’t want to have to sign up and pay FT just to read their opinions! The “continue reading” link refuses to let me do so w/o paying!

That being said, let me comment on what I can see: THOSE TRAITORS! The modern Mafia are not only traitors to the Sicilian and Italian people, they are traitors to their own historical origins!

The Mafia was originally formed to COUNTER ISLAM by the Sicilian Princes who had been displaced by the muslims and betrayed by the cowardly traitors in the Catholic Church (hence all those saint-icon-burning rituals)!

It’s the reason the Mafia resembles islam so much: Because they were a tit-for-tat vendetta against the invaders, sort of exactly like a gang of Italian Robin-Hoods, working to EXPEL the invading muslim hordes!!



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