Kosovo, the lawless jihadi-narcoterrorist sinkhole

by 1389 on July 11, 2015

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inSerbia: Serbian church desecrated in Kosovo, security level heightened

BELGRADE – The Church of St. Paraskeva dating back from the 16th century in the returnee village of Drsnik near Klina was broken into, robbed and desecrated two times in the last 48 hours, and early on Friday unidentified persons opened fire on a vehicle with Belgrade’s plates in the area of the Gorazdevac village, reads a release by the Diocese of Raska-Prizren on Friday.

Aside from these incidents, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the monument to the Serb victims of the war and children killed at the Bistrica River, the statement adds.

The Kosovo police investigated the scenes. However, it is not only that the surge of violence against Serbs in this area is stopped, but the ones who report the attacks and thefts are treated as culprits, and they are facing police threats to admit that they have done something they did not, the statement reads.

Minister for Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic has on a number of occasions pointed to the terror and thefts that target the most impoverished Serbs, who often live isolated and surrounded by majority Albanian population.

The presence of the Kosovo police in northern Kosovo has been stepped up, particularly in the multiethnic settlements, Zeljko Bojic, head of the Operative Regional Department of the Kosovo Police Service, told Tanjug.

Guardian (UK): Kosovo cuts Pristina water supply over alleged ISIS plot to poison reservoir

Kosovo authorities say they have cut off the water supply to tens of thousands of people in the capital after police arrested five suspects linked to Islamic State who were allegedly planning to poison a reservoir.

Pristina’s water authority said the water supply was shut off early on Saturday “because of security issues”, and that samples were being tested for suspicious substances.

Police say officers patrolling the Badovac reservoir saw three of the men, whose identities have not been revealed, behaving suspiciously. The reservoir supplies almost half of Pristina, a city of more than 200,000 people. Another two suspects were arrested elsewhere in Kosovo.

All face terrorism charges, police said, without giving any further details.

A police source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that two of the suspects had been arrested last year on suspicion of traveling to Syria.

Police have been on alert in recent weeks after Kosovo-born volunteers appeared on Isis propaganda videos warning of imminent attacks against various targets, including water supplies.

Security officials say more than 200 people from Kosovo have gone to fight in Syria and Iraq, and more than 30 are believed to have been killed. There are concerns over the potential threat posed by those who return.

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