“I thought Hillary had been Huma-nized for quite some time…”

by 1389 on July 9, 2015

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Weasel Zippers: Hillary Campaign Holding Workshops For Supporters To Work On Ways To “Help Humanize Her”…

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Good luck with that.

Via WaPo:

…Kathy Sullivan, a Democratic National Committee member from New Hampshire who attended the training, said it helped her “talk about the Hillary Clinton we know.” The session included a workshop in which supporters turned to the supporters sitting next to them and practiced sharing anecdotes about Clinton that help humanize her.

“We would each tell a personal story about Hillary Clinton that is an example of the qualities about her that make her attractive as a candidate. as opposed to listing a lot of policy positions,” Sullivan said.

“Intimate companion” means “homosexual paramour.”

NY Post: If Hillary makes it to the White House, so will Huma Abedin

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's 'intimate companion'

If the phone rings at 3 a.m. in the Hillary Clinton White House, the person answering reportedly will be Huma Abedin, her “body woman.”

Abedin was “the only official channel to Clinton over the past year” and has been “elevated to the most senior member of Clinton’s old guard,” Politico.com’s Annie Karni states.

“Huma’s influence is so pervasive, and Hillary’s dependence on her so total, that it is expected she will have her own bedroom upstairs in the White House,” a Clinton associate told OrbMagazine’s Richard Turley. “After 20 years as Hillary’s gatekeeper, no one else could screen the calls and decide who gets access as ably as she does.”

Orb predicts Clinton, in emulation of her hero Eleanor Roosevelt, will install Huma in the second-floor bedroom occupied during the FDR administration by Lorena Hickok, “the journalist who was Mrs. Roosevelt’s soul mate and intimate companion.”

But the real scandal isn’t even about sex: Huma Abedin is a big-time Muslim Brotherhood mole!

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