2/3 of ALL US aid goes to Islamic countries. US aid to Israel is minuscule!

by 1389 on July 2, 2015

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A. G. Benjamin has the story:

FACT 1. a. Two Thirds of ALL U.S. aid goes to Islamic countries. The aid to Israel is minuscule!

1.b. Israeli return investment to the USA in various technologies, communications, mobile, computer, computer security, military systems, DARPA co-research & development, cooperation on scientific, technological, cultural, medical and health-related enterprise, is a hundredfold that of US military aid to Israel. Israeli business and its affiliates consists of about one third of the NASDAQ, it employs directly or indirectly several million Americans and positively impact the lives of all Americans and the world.

FACT 2. It’s ironic how some Americans are anti-Israel and pro-Palestine, when Israel is pro-American and Palestinians hate America.

Pew survey: US friends/enemies

Let’s get the story straight. Jihad is Islamic. Palestinian violence, now ongoing for more than a half century, is not a liberation movement. It is Jihad.

Second, the so-called Palestinians are a non-existing people with a fabricated history who had imposed themselves on world culture with a deliberate, systemic fabrication of history and grievances.

The Palestinians have never existed as a factual people. If one went into the area one will see the total lack of evidence of peoplehood in areas where it could not possibly have been removed – where ONLY Palestinians live. Most “Palestinian” homes throughout Israel, the West Bank (which is, mandated Israel), and Jordan too, use cinder block construction – a 20th century technology. There’s more.

There never was a “Palestinian” culture, language, religion, literature and art, cuisine, history, archeology and ancient artifacts and coins and currency – as these characteristics evidence people and nationhood.
If anything, the absence of these characteristics is evidence of a people’s non-existence.

As a civilization the Palestinians created nothing of significance and left no physical record of their previous existence. If you think otherwise, let us know which museums display “Palestinian” archeological artifacts.

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