Russia pictured as clawed monster on cartoon map for Netherlands school kids

by 1389 on July 1, 2015

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Dutch textbooks teach schoolchildren Russia is a monster

Published on Jun 24, 2015 by IN THE NOW
Russia the enemy is a tone that seeps from the highest levels to the lowest most innocent. Adapted for schoolchildren Russia a monster with fangs and claws. In one Dutch social studies textbook, students were asked to describe what’s happening in a cartoon. The image shows Russia as a monster trying to swallow Ukraine, while Europe extends a helping hand. Another image in the same textbook also placed Russia among a group of so called ‘non-free’ countries – with the EU and US comfortably resting on the FREE side.

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1 lwesson July 1, 2015 at 11:20 am

Of course CHRISTIAN RUSSIA is the enemy. The Russians are rejecting the perverse stinking universe that The “West” is quickly wrapping itself up in. Oh NO! The Russians are not following along on Israeli led foreign policies, like the ridiculous war against Syria & Assad. Russia is backing those who are pressing for independence from the current Ukraine Gov. Russia is rejecting Cultural Marxism, Globalism etc. Oh My God!

In return, Russia is getting the full propaganda treatment from The West by The Powers that Be, safely behind the OZ like curtain.

Should this lead to a Nuclear Confrontation, I certainly do hope that those guilty parties GLOW and burn to Hell in nuclear flashes of light overhead. Myself, I will be dead. I can see downtown Houston from this window if there were no trees in the way. GO CHRISTIAN RUSSIA! DA!

2 1389 July 1, 2015 at 12:16 pm

Russia won’t resort to nukes unless there is absolutely no alternative.

3 lwesson July 1, 2015 at 12:52 pm

No, I doubt that Russia will just jump up and start off with Nukes, yet the curious thing about the history of war is that the best intentions and plans can suddenly turn upside down and spiral wildly out of control. There are political commentators and leaders in the US who seem in a mind frame that we need to “Show Putin we mean Business…”, maneuvering soldiers around, setting in equipment, training soldiers, and perhaps sending in, under the wire, special op forces.

The current Fraud in the Oval Office, is likely not of mind to go too far. He cannot even effectively use air power on ISIS. Teletubby Rubio? Oh, he is trying his best per bravado, and seems handled. Bush 3, good God, please Nyet!

My pick? I know it is VERY late in the game for us as a Nation. Trump seems level headed and accomplished. He has met Putin, and they got along. He had no disparaging words for the man, in fact, I think he is of mind that Russia should be a friend, not an enemy. Just a hunch based around reading & observation of words said and people that I know.

The anniversary of a most awful self suicidal European World War is in play right now. It is bone chilling to read the details that led up to this maelstrom blood soaked tragedy.

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