Kidnapping the Truth – the Disappearance of Alexander Dorin

by 1389 on June 28, 2015

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Posted on June 26, 2015 by Grey Carter at There Must Be Justice

Dear friends and truth seekers, fighters for justice,

Our friend Alexander Dorin has disappeared. Swiss publicist of Serbian origin, Aleksander Dorin (pseudonym of BORIS KRLJIC) has been researching for over 15 years the events, myths and facts in and around Srebrenica massacre. Alexander was taken by armed men from his home in Basel, Switzerland and since then there’s no trace of him.

Dorin is the author of the book named “Srebrenica – as indeed happened,” where he presented evidences of manipulation with the number of Bosnian Muslim victims. When the book was published, Italian and German press described it ” as a book that might stop a lie.”

Alexander was receiving frequent death threats from Muslim extremists.

The police in Basel didn’t want to comment the disappearance of Dorin, while the prosecutor could neither confirm nor deny that he was taken by armed men. Unofficially, Dorin was detained by Swiss police, and even in the media appeared information that this was done by the orders of certain foreign secret services because of files, recordings and documents concerning Srebrenica, Naser Oric and western manipulations concerning the issue that Dorin holds. And these documents make lot of former World officials very nervous.

The media pointed out that the Swiss secret service had nothing to do with Dorin, except if they acted upon someone elses request. In January last year, another researcher and associate of Dorin and co-author of the book dealing with these events, Zoran Jovanovic suddenly died on July 13, 2013, just ten hours after he reported that was able to buy two shots that are crucial and final evidence which would finally demolish the myth and bring the real criminals to justice. At the end of 2013 presented evidence according to which between 3,000 and 4,000 Muslims in July 1995 escaped to Serbia, where they were placed in camps for refugees. He said that this is evidence that Srebrenica was not killed 8,000 Muslims, but considerably less.

After that, Dorin started to receive more and more death threats through the Internet. Now, Alexander Dorin has gone missing. Some sources say he’s kept by USA/NATO services. According to the latest information from Switzerland, local secret service, acting upon orders of the high NATO/ CIA officials, tries to plant evidences as if Alexander committed some serious crimes under aggravating circumstances, so he would lose his reputation honesty and credibility. The timing of the whole operation and kidnapping is ideal for the suppressors of truth. Alexander will not be able to represent new findings, testimonies and evidences urbi et orbi, in conference about Srebrenica, on July 4, in Belgrade organized by Srebrenica Historical Project and the Strategic Culture Fund.

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