“Dr. Jihad” a/k/a Abu Yusuf from Australia identified as Tareq Kamleh

by Gramfan on April 29, 2015

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News.com.au has the story, via Andrew Bolt:

A YOUNG Australian doctor has appeared in an Islamic State video urging other medical professionals to travel to the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa in Syria to join the jihad against the west.

The stylish promotional IS video has not been verified… The video introduces the “ISHS” — or IS Health Service — and appears to have been filmed in Raqqa in the Raqqa General Hospital.

The Australian doctor introduces himself as Abu Yusuf and says he travelled to Raqqa from Australia to offer his medical services as part of his “jihad for Islam”….

“My name is Abu Yusuf. I’m one of the medical team here. I came from Australia to the Islamic State to live under the khalifah…”

Predictably, leftists are trying to shut down this story:


Dr Kamleh was by all accounts a good Muslim and reconnected with his faith. But our bleeding hearts don’t see it that way.

Lets not endanger our jihad quack:

Jihadi medic Tareq Kamleh ‘may die because of leaks’

Rachel Baxendale/The Australian

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Kamleh isn’t the only one:

Daily Mail (UK): The secret diary of a jihadi bride: Doctor, 26, leaves behind ‘middle class life’ in Malaysia, travels to join ISIS – and keeps a journal of her time in Syria

  • ‘Shams’ claims she is 26-years-old and travelled to Syria from Malaysia 
  • Regularly updates social media with tales of marriage to ISIS fighter 
  • Marriage to Morocco-born jihadi named Abu Barra was arranged for her
  • Says couple don’t have common language and use dictionary to converse
  • She claims family approve of the match and will soon join her in Syria 

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