Report: Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz of Germanwings Airbus was a convert to Islam?

by 1389 on March 28, 2015

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We await confirmation or refutation of this report: has the story:

According to Michael Mannheimer, a writer for German PI-News, Germany now has its own 9/11, thanks to the convert to Islam, Andreas Lubitz.

Translation from German:

All evidence indicates that the copilot of Airbus machine in his six-months break during his training as a pilot in Germanwings, converted to Islam and subsequently either by the order of “radical”, ie. devout Muslims , or received the order from the book of terror, the Quran, on his own accord decided to carry out this mass murder. As a radical mosque in Bremen is in the center of the investigation, in which the convert was staying often, it can be assumed that he – as Mohammed Atta, in the attack against New York – received his instructions directly from the immediate vicinity of the mosque.

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Whether or not the above report is credible – and at this stage, 1389 Blog takes no position on that – jihadis in the social media have already jumped on the bandwagon. See: Pamela Geller: Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz praised on Facebook: ‘Our holy martyr Lubitz died for our prophet’

Why is nobody even asking any questions about Lubitz’s religious background and ideological profile, or about where he spent his time and with whom he associated?

Says Iron Fist at 2.0: The Blogmocracy:

March 27, 2015 4:57 pm

@ eaglesoars:

No, but nobody is addressing that question. It is a simple one. A very direct one. And one that they should be able to get something of an assessment on fairly quickly. He was seeing someone for psychological treatment. What do their records indicate about his faith? Surely they have interviewed his therapist. Was he a man of religious convictions seems to be a pretty standard question you’d ask under these circumstances. Because that question is on everybody’s minds, and nobody seems to really want to ask it or answer it. Which gets my hackles up. It’s just instinct, but I have fairly good instincts when it comes to such things. I was a psychology major for a while, had Abnormal and Clinical Psychology courses at a college level, and this isn’t behavior that you’d expect to see from someone with major depression. It just doesn’t fit that pattern. A mania of some form or another, though, seems more likely, but everyone is pushing the depression angle. Yeah, insane people do insane things, but an insane depressive might throw themselves into a concrete mixer, or, hell, cut off their head using a train (I’ve heard of a case of that). But depressives usually don’t try to take a whole raft of people out with them. Depression just doesn’t work that way. Look at any of the recent school shooters, and you won’t find depression on their list of psychological ailments. Something is off here. If it isn’t that he is a recent convert to Islam, what is it? Remember they didn’t admit the guy in Oklahoma City was a Muslim for a couple of days, either. The initial story was he was just a nut. Here, again, we have an act that is consistent with Islamic terrorism, and we are being told it is “just a nut”. Something isn’t adding up.

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1 Gramfan March 28, 2015 at 5:23 pm
2 1389 March 29, 2015 at 8:33 am

@ Gramfan,

I posted this report because I want ask a question about Lubitz that is not being asked, not to provide any answer.

We are awaiting further information about Lubitz’s religious background and convictions, and his ideological profile. I find the very lack of inquiry and discussion of this topic to be suspicious in and of itself. I updated the article to include a comment from Iron Fist at Blogmocracy on this topic; he points out that Lubitz’s act of mass murder is not consistent with a diagnosis of major depression.

I have struggled with anxiety and depression myself, and this type of thing is nothing I would ever have thought of doing.

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