#illridewithyou hashtag hypocrisy…it’s time for #illridewithjews

by Gramfan on December 22, 2014

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JewsDownUnder has the story:

Hashtag Hypocrisy.

In October last year, a gang assaulted 5 Jewish people as they were walking home from a Shabbat dinner.  Not only were some of the victims injured, but the trauma of the event would have made them very wary of venturing out at night again.

In August this year, six drunken teenagers boarded a school bus taking children from 2 Jewish schools, hurling anti-Semitic abuse and threatening to cut the throats of its young passengers, some as young as 6 or 7.  This incident would have been absolutely terrifying for the young victims.

Both these events happened in Sydney and were racist to the core;  yet I can’t remember anyone from the Greens/Left rushing to accompany Jews walking home on Shabbat; there was no #illwalkwithyou campaign to make the Jews feel safe on the streets of Sydney.  Similarly, the Greens didn’t offer an #illridewithyou gesture to the poor frightened Jewish kids.

But of course, in both these cases Jews were actually victims, an inconvenient fact for the Greens, who like to portray Zionists (read Jews) as the aggressors.  If , as in the current siege, they prefer to protect those from the same group as the perpetrator, logic would dictate they offer to ride with drunken teenagers and those from the same culture as those who attacked the 5 Jews.

Rachael Jacobs

Former Greens’ candidate Rachael Jacobs wasn’t particularly concerned for the welfare of the victims of the Martin Place terror attack; her compassion was directed at the co-religionists of the perpetrator. The Brisbane Times reported:

“Rachael Jacobs’ simple offer to walk with a Muslim woman as they got off a Brisbane train on Monday sparked a social media campaign under the hashtag #illridewithyou.

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