Coffee Break with Sr.Vassa 8: Pre-Christmas House-Cleaning

by 1389 on December 22, 2014

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Published on Dec 22, 2014 by Coffee with Sr. Vassa
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A brief, 2-minute Christian reflection, hosted by Sr. Dr. Vassa Larin of the University of Vienna, Austria.

We are nearing the feast of the Nativity or Christmas, zillions, and one of the things we might be doing before the feast is cleaning the house or apartment before having guests over. But let‘s talk today about a different kind of “cleaning house,“ of getting ourselves in spiritual order to greet the main Guest, Who is soon to be born into our world in Bethlehem. Ideally, we should constantly be preoccupied with this activity, with what I‘ll call “Keeping our House in Order,“ but if you‘re a messy person like me, it takes more work at special moments like a great feast. Let‘s remind ourselves of the 3 main activities involved in Keeping our House in Order: 1. Self-Examination; 2. Prayer, and 3. Contemplation. All three of these, practiced not necessarily in that order, but on a daily basis, keep us in what I like to call the God Zone, let-ting God‘s grace into our lives, and carrying the vision of God‘s will into all our activities. If we are church-going people, we are greatly helped in all three of these: with the first one, self-examination, we are aided and guided in the sacrament of repentance, which includes confession. So, be-sides our daily self-examination, where we assess the work that needs to be done in our ho-use-cleaning, we also receive the grace of un-burdening our workload, so to say, by sharing it before God and another human being, a priest. Our prayer and contemplation is aided by the services of the feast and its texts, which we might take some quiet time to reflect on at home.

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