Coffee Break with Sr. Vassa 7: Humility Makes Things Easier

by 1389 on December 21, 2014

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Published on Dec 15, 2014 by Coffee with Sr. Vassa
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A brief, 2-minute Christian reflection, hosted by Sr. Dr. Vassa Larin of the University of Vienna, Austria.

As we are approaching the feast of the Nativity or Christmas, at which Christ is born, ever so humbly, in a manger, and, perhaps even more strikingly, His Mother, the All-Blessed Virgin, gives birth, ever so humbly, in a manger, let‘s reflect a bit on the elusive quality or virtue called “Humility.“ In the few words we have recorded in the New Testament of the Mother of God Herself, She makes mention of humility several times, most famously, perhaps, when soon after She‘s received news, at the Annunciation, that She will give birth to the Savior, She says: “He has regarded the humility of His handmaiden… “ (Lk 1:4 7). Now, we don‘t know all that much about the day-to-day life of Mary, the Mother of God, but every time we do encounter Her in the New Testament, Her humility is striking, and we do know that She led a life of prayer and also read the Scriptures. This re-minds us, zillions, that humility is gift; it‘s a gift from God, a state of grace that comes from putting our life in God‘s care on a daily basis, in prayer. When we stop relying on ourselves in the largely futile effort to control everything and everyone, then our reaction to things that we‘d rather not have happen to us is no longer anger, uncertainty, and fear. We have rather the spiritual strength, the grace, the peace, and yes, the humility to survive. But humility is a gift. So when it eludes us, and we notice ourselves slipping into self-reliance and dissatisfaction with people and things we can‘t control, let‘s hurry back into the God Zone and get connected with Him!

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