Why we at 1389 Blog are not ‘down with’ any person, group, or cause

by 1389 on December 14, 2014

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It’s all about the abuse of the English language.

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Thumbs down on being ‘down with…’

Americans have all heard the ghetto-poseur catch phrase to be down with [whatever or whomever]’ meaning empathy and political support for someone or something perceived as the underdog.

‘Down with’ is a leftist dog-whistle if there ever was one. Leftist agitators are always talking about whether someone is ‘down with the struggle’ or ‘down with the homies.’ As we have seen with Barack and Michelle Obama, leftists care only about their own access to wealth and power, and care nothing for the minorities and the poor who serve only as expendable pawns in their game. To fool those who consider themselves to be downtrodden into identifying with their would-be masters, these leftists use propaganda, spin, and photo ops to accrue ‘street cred.’

Language matters.

We must stop our leftist enemies from framing and defining the terms of public debate.

How things have changed! Many decades ago, when I was growing up, Down with [whatever or whomever]! meant the exact opposite – defeat, oblivion, perhaps even eternal damnation upon the target of that demand.

More ominously, to be ‘down with’ a person, group, or cause implies sinking to the lowest common denominator, rather than leading everyone upward.

Says Iron Fist at Blogmocracy:

Yeah, Americans take for granted things that most of the world simply doesn’t have. that is one of the things that is so frustrating about watching the Left try to destroy us. We have produced a society that has produced the most prosperity for the most people. Take the “Income Inequality” bullshit. It really doesn’t  matter to me that the CEO of my company makes 100 times what I do, or whatever. What matters is that I have a good job paying good wages. Sure, I’d like to see my income increased closer to his level, sure, but that doesn’t mean I have to bring him down to do it. That is where the Left goes at things backwards. I think they do this by intent. They know that the rising tide lifts all boats, but they don’t want the boats of the masses raised. They want the boats of the Middle Class brought down to the level of the poor. That way we’re all equal.


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