BiH: Muslim destroyer of cross in Sarajevo found, “I’m proud and I’ll do it again”

by 1389 on December 9, 2014

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For those who are not familiar with this part of the world, BiH (Bosnia and Hercegovina) is the Muslim/Croat entity within the failed state that is now Bosnia. Sarajevo is its capital. This incident shows that Orthodox Christian Serbs who still live there do not have the same rights as Muslims and Croats.

Shari’a law does not permit the display of crosses.

inSerbia has the story:

(h/t: Gary Rumain)

Memorial cross in Sarajevo
Photo: Davorin Sekulić /

The cross at Zlatiste, set in memory of 6,500 Serbs killed in Sarajevo, was knocked down on Friday morning. Mirza Hatic from Sarajevo assumed responsibility for knocking down the monumental cross at Zlatiste, eastern Sarajevo area.

“I said that I would knock it down” stated Hatic to Dnevni Avaz daily. He cited that the Republika Srpska police department guarded the cross sometimes and not others.

“We waited for them to leave and my friend and I came, and knocked it down. It was a little past midnight. I am proud of what I have done and I will do it again, wherever they set it” cited Hatic, claiming that the monumental cross was set as a provocation.

Hatic (27), who is already known to police, claimed that he was at the head of young men who tried to knock down the monumental cross at Zlatiste, above Sarajevo in September. On that occasion, he stated that he will “die, but that cross will not be there”.

A police officer on duty at the Pale police department received a call from a member of the Support Unit for Eastern New Sarajevo, who patrol the cement monumental cross at Zlatiste, municipality of Stari Grad, that an unidentified person knocked down the monument, reported RTRS (Radio Television of Republika Srpska). Danka Tesic, spokesperson for the Sarajevo Centre for Public Safety, said in a statement to Dnevni Avaz, that police has been sent to the scene.

“This doesn’t qualify as a criminal act. The situation, as you know, is particular, since the cross was erected without a permit, therefore there is no injured party here. What is important is that the cross didn’t fall onto the road and did not endanger traffic. The police will, as usual, carry out an investigation and we will wait for the Prosecutors’ position on this, stated Tesic.

At Zlatise, above Sarajevo, the monumental cross was erected in September, as a temporary placeholder for a token honouring the memory of Sarajevo’s Serb victims, which several people attempted to knock down on more than one occasion.

Representatives from the municipality of Eastern Stari Grad, the territory on which the cross was erected, as well as representatives from Serbian veterans’ associations, claimed that this was a shameful pre-election act by the Association of Inmates, given that the cross was made out of one steel bar and a horizontal wooden bar, hence a permit for its construction had not been issued by the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Municipality Chief Bojo Gasanovic said earlier that the Municipality Assembly of Eastern Stari Grad gave members of the Association of Inmates of Republika Srpska a deadline for removing the cross so that they could apply for a permit for its eventual setting.

The Association of Inmates of Republika Srpska assessed this decision by the Municipality as a kind of cowardice and protection of other, primarily private interests, which should not, and cannot be above piety and memory of Serbian victims.

The Association of Inmates of Republika Srpska announced that they are not surprised by such decisions, made by structures that opposed the idea and initiative to erect a monumental structure in memory of innocent Serb victims in Sarajevo, from the very beginning.

The erection of the Zlatiste monumental cross evoked turbulent reactions both in Sarajevo, as well as Eastern Sarajevo. Certain associations in Sarajevo assessed the erection of the cross as a sort of provocation, citing that this location was used by Serbs during the shelling of Sarajevo.

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1 Lily December 9, 2014 at 1:08 pm

Thank you so much for writing about this part of the world.
love from serbia

2 1389 December 9, 2014 at 8:28 pm

I’m part Serbian by ancestry and am a practicing Orthodox Christian. Whenever I happen to be anywhere near a Serbian parish, I make sure to attend.

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