Killer of ‘Good Samaritan’ in Germany is a Serbian citizen but NOT a Serb!

by 1389 on December 7, 2014

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“An attack by one man of Balkan Muslim heritage against a woman of Balkan Muslim heritage is shocking but does not carry with it the false and damaging perception of racial hatred.”

Orthodox Christian Serbs had absolutely nothing to do with this crime. But the use of the word ‘Serbian’ in the media misleads readers who are uninformed about the Balkans into thinking that Christian Serbs were to blame for an attack on an innocent Muslim – an attack that was actually perpetrated by other Muslims.

eBritić has the story:

by Darko Dudic (7)

UK and worldwide media outlets identify savage killer as Serbian. That might be true but it is not the whole truth.

Tugce Albayrak

Brave, 23-year-old student Tugce Albayrak has been rightly hailed as a good Samaritan after coming to the defence of two terrified teenaged girls. Tugce was alerted by screams which came from a McDonald’s restaurant toilet in Offenbach, Germany where the girls were being harassed by a group of men. Tugce paid with her life as one of the men brutally attacked her with a bat. She was left in a coma and doctors would confirm she was brain dead. She died in hospital last Friday.

The attacker (18) was described by media outlets as “Serbian” by major news outlets.

“An 18-year-old man, reportedly of Serbian origin, was on Sunday said to have admitted carrying out the attack.”

“Her attacker, named only as Senal M from the Sandzak region of Serbia, has confessed to striking Ms Albayrak”

“A Serbian man, 18, is in custody over the November 15 attack, which left Tuğçe Albayrak, a student of German-Turkish descent, in a coma.”

“Tugce Albayrak, from Turkey, reportedly intervened after she discovered three Serbian men troubling two women in a in the city of Offenbach, Germany, on November 15.”

“She was later attacked in a parking lot by one of the men, an 18-year-old Serbian who is now in custody.”

“An 18-year-old suspect, identified only as Sanel M from the Sandzak region of south-west Serbia, is in police custody and is said to have admitted attacking Albayrak.”

Observant readers might notice that name of the Serbian was given as “Sanel M” and that he was from the Sandžak region of Serbia. Piecing together those two facts allow us to surmise that the attacker was actually a Serbian Bosniak, the English-language term for Muslims from the Sandžak region.

This “lost” fact was not lost to some commenting directly on the sites above:

“When Kosovo Albanians attack and murder American soldiers, the ‘free” western press call them “Yugoslavs” and not “Kosovars.” That would confuse western audiences. Now Moslems murder a Turkish girl in Germany, they can’t be called “Bosnjaks” because that would also confuse western readers, hence Moslem murderers morph into Serbs.

Serbs should recognise that they have no place in the bankrupt, degenerate and Slavic-hating EU. They should tell the EU to go to Hell and join with their friends, the Russians.”

Michael Thomas

Why does any of this matter? The real story here is of a young woman’s heroic act in the face of terror. “Sanel M” was from Sandžak, a region of Serbia so surely it is only correct to call him Serbian? Otherwise, aren’t we saying Sandžak should follow the example Kosovo in declaring independence?

For this reason, I think Sanel M should be described as Serbian. But just as the Daily Mail describes the victim as being of German-Turkish descent it is also more accurate to describe the attacker as being of Serbian-Bosniak descent. Yes, Germans and Turks can be victims and the perpetrator can be both Serbian and Bosniak too.

Some Turkish dailies reported the attacker as being a Serb and one even labeled his photo with the phrase ”the Serbian butcher”. One quoted one of Tugce’s friends as saying:

“the Serbs waited for us and insulted us again. But we defended ourselves, and one of them slapped me, then he ran over to Tuğçe and punched her”.

German daily Frankfurter Rundschau made the point that the killer was a Bosniak from Sandžak and that some part of the Turkish media were guilty of cheap, ethnic-based sensationalism.

If Balkan papers have such limited knowledge of Serbia, how much less Western media outlets? And most of that will be negative. One such misconceptions about Serbs is we “hate Muslims, Turks in particular, and do not much like Germans either”. An attack by a Serbian on a German-Turk simply plays into the perception of a people whose very identity is built on spite.

An attack by one man of Balkan Muslim heritage against a woman of Balkan Muslim heritage is shocking but does not carry with it the false and damaging perception of racial hatred.

Did these well-financed media outlets know the facts prior to publication? Do timescales for getting news out first means the article must be simplified to an extent that a minority will always feel the whole truth has not been told.

I suggest news outlets have become dependent on building new stories on past deceptions, however damaging.

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