WalMart Christmas #FAIL: Light-up Islamic symbol as Christmas tree-topper

by 1389 on December 6, 2014

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Muslims are forbidden to buy or decorate “holiday” trees.

Bob Eschlimann is puzzled. So am I.

Who could possibly be the in the projected market demographic for a tree-topper consisting of a Muslim crescent encircling a star? Maybe it’s for the willfully ignorant hipsters who deface their own cars with “Coexist” stickers and who claim that all religions are pretty much the same. But then, hipsters don’t shop at WalMart- they shop at health food stores and designer boutiques.

Muslim crescent and star tree topper at WalMart

Is WalMart going halal?

Whenever you see halal products at WalMart or anywhere else, just leave them on the shelf and buy something else.

Boycott Halal

Published on Aug 13, 2013 by Pat Condell

Risk-free resistance.

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