STRATFOR shills for Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups CAIR and MAS

by 1389 on December 3, 2014

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In 1999-2000, STRATFOR was a fairly reliable source. It’s been awhile, but I seem to recall that they got the Kosovo War more or less right. But things have changed since then. Evidently, they’re now in the business of being paid their subscription money to tell America’s corrupt and treasonous government functionaries what they already want to hear.

Understanding the Threat has the story (h/t: Creeping Sharia)


In an article released this week, the commercial intelligence company STRATFOR, which is read by national security professionals and civilians alike, demonstrated their complete ignorance of the Muslim Brotherhood threat globally and in the U.S. by attacking Saudi Arabia and the UAE for considering the Muslim Brotherhood and U.S. MB/Hamas groups CAIR and MAS “terrorists” while STRATFOR defends the MB stating the Brotherhood   “(opposes) violence as a means of achieving its political goals, but it also seeks democracy.”

It would appear there has been zero research done by STRATFOR into the MB except for asking Muslim Brothers about themselves.

As has been documented via our DVD “Understanding the Threat to America” and the new book by John Guandolo Raising a Jihadi Generation, as well as through numerous articles, speeches, interviews, and conferences, UTT has laid out the details of the Muslim Brotherhood doctrine from their By-Laws, strategic documents entered into evidence in landmark terrorism trials in America, interviews of senior MB leaders, and a wide variety of other information clearly identifying the MB’s objective as the destruction of all governmental systems and replacing them with Islamic systems operating under Sharia (Islamic Law) using all means necessary including violence.  The MB defines “Jihad” as total war against non-Muslims including subversion and military battle.

The problem with organizations like STRATFOR and others who peddle this nonsense, is that American leaders use their materials to form opinions on national security matters.  Since STRATFOR’s stance on the MB is nearly identical to the misinformation the Islamic advisors inside our government – all of whom are affiliated with the MB Movement here – one has to ask which side of the street STRATFOR is on.

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1 Gramfan December 3, 2014 at 5:59 pm

Didn’t the US govt just refuse to call the MB a terrorist group? Well, that makes sense!
The MB have infiltrated the entire admin!

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