From Canada: a new low in mindless, destructive Russophobia…

by Sparta on November 23, 2014

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…”a positive thought” about WWI and Bolshevism…and US, Canada, Ukraine votes against condemnation of Nazism

Disregarding the rest of Conrad Black’s pseudo-strategic babble [see
National Post: Vladimir Putin’s Mindless Cynicism]
, this stands out:

A positive thought: It emerges from the newly produced research on the origins of the First World War a century ago that the British, French, Germans and Austro-Hungarians were all convinced in 1914 that Russia was the rising power in Europe and Asia and was putting up such economic growth rates and technological advances that it was thought to be rivalled only by the United States as the land of the future. That is why several of those countries thought a war might not be a bad idea, before the Russians became impossible to contain. So it may not be entirely true that, horrible though it was, the First World War had no purpose, and that the communist victory in Russia was one of its most baleful consequences. The triumph of the Bolsheviks may have spared the West a greater, if somewhat less barbarous Russian challenge. Communism liquidated 20 million Soviet civilians, enabled the Second World War with the Nazi-Soviet Pact, and then took over 90% of the casualties in subduing Nazi Germany, while Germany, France, Italy and Japan became prosperous democratic allies of the English-speaking countries. And then the U.S.S.R. fragmented, almost bloodlessly.

In other words, communism-shmommunism: Russia is the enemy and always has been.  The tens of millions of deaths from World War I (and its products, communism, WWII – and Herr Black neglects to mention — Nazism) were all worth it, don’t you see, since it kept those “barbarous” Russians from getting too strong.   In this view, the horrendous internal death toll of communism and the carnage of World War II were good, because the victims were overwhelmingly Russian.

No wonder the U.S., Canada, and Ukraine were the only three countries to vote against a Moscow-sponsored UN resolution against neo-Nazism: (Israel voted with the Russians.)

Resolution text:

Vote tally:

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1 Edward Spalton November 23, 2014 at 1:14 am

Certainly, it was a widely held view in German political and military circles that it would be better to wage war on Russia sooner rather than later before modernisation had made it a more formidable foe. This was combined with proto Nazi ideas of an inevitable racial conflict between Teuton and Slav .

Russia’s economic growth in the pre war period was regarded rather like the Chinese phenomenon of our day. My great uncle, a self-taught linguist and European sales agent, was busy learning Russian in 1914 ( having previously mastered Spanish, French and German). He was actually something of a Germanophile but later told my father ( age 7 in 1914) that the build-up of war fever in Germany had been very noticeable, stoked up by books with titles like ” Weltmacht Oder Niedergang” .

As for today, the Russians fit the bill as the ideal, archetypal “other” . A Serbian friend called this Pravoslavophobia ( hatred of Orthodox Slavs). In the American context amongst the general public , he thought the attitude was something like this
These guys were all commies, right?
They’re not Protestant, they’re not Catholic, so what are they?
They have a real funny alphabet.
I guess they’re just kinda weird.

The demonisation of Serbia before the unprovoked attack on Yugoslavia in 1999 was highly effective here ( U.K) and one sees all the same techniques being applied to Russia today.

2 1389 November 23, 2014 at 6:15 pm

Indeed. Spot on!

3 Uncle Vladdi November 23, 2014 at 8:30 pm

I’m against any and all “laws” which forbid any/all discussion of specific past crime-gangs.

We already have valid laws against promoting / glorifying crimes and criminals; use them!


4 CBSAneedsoversight August 26, 2016 at 12:10 am

The Canadian Government fired me at 14 years, claiming my association with the Russian community was the reason. A document conveniently makes secret stated “…associating, especially with Russians.” This was knowing full well I am half Russian, worked for Aeroflot , which was disclosed, and appeared in media with Russian community members including g WW2 vets, also named as a reason I lost my security clearance. This is only a fraction of the story. Canada’s government espeically Herr Harper, bleeds Azov blood. Just look at his Twitter. Canada hates Russians and leads the charge for more hate.

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