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“Please remember that God helps those who help themselves.”

by 1389 on October 3, 2014

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From: Dr. M. Pravica
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2014 10:11 AM

Dear All:

When I saw Scott Taylor’s excellent article, I immediately responded by writing a terse 30 second (literally) comment on the Now Toronto website to thank the magazine for publishing his article because that’s how we get magazines/newspapers/other news outlets to publish more of the same (positive feedback). I had intended to write a longer letter but didn’t manage to because of my extremely busy schedule. Nevertheless, the magazine published my very short comment. We might infer, then, that next to zero letters were written in support of Scott Taylor. And that’s a big shame because much more could and should have been said relating to Western support of Islamic extremism and the subsequent “blowback” that we are all now receiving which is bankrupting the West and bringing us WWIII.

It should, therefore, come as absolutely no surprise why the Serbs have lost so much in the recent wars and why they will continue losing territory to their enemies. No organization, no leadership, and no strategy. But lot’s of “inat.” Some of the most effective activists for the Serbian people (Stella Jatras+, Julia Gorin, Scott Taylor, Ambassador Bissett, Gen. Lewis Mackenzie, David Binder, etc.) aren’t even Serbian. How very sad. Today’s battles are first fought in the minds of people via propaganda, and not on conventional battlefields. Once the battle moves over to the real battlefield (at least for small nations such as Serbia), it is already over – a done deal – due to overwhelming technological superiority of the aggressors (NATO).

Please remember that God helps those who help themselves.


NOW Toronto Letters to the Editor:

Confronting the beast in Middle East

Thank you for publishing Scott Taylor’s excellent article on the Canadian government’s decision to send troops to fight ISIS in Iraq (NOW, September 18-24).

It’s time for Western leaders to confront the reality of the beast they have created in the Middle East, Kosovo and elsewhere.

Michael Pravica


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