Before 9/11/14, ISIS plans crossing into US through porous US-Mexican border

by Gramfan on August 30, 2014

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Theodore Shoebat has the story:

ISIS Says, “The US-Mexican Border Is Now Open”, And Are Planning On Crossing Into The United States Through The US-Mexican Border

And ISIS propaganda trading group recently posted these disturbing words on Twitter:

the US-Mexican border is now open large numbers of people crossing

The Texas law department found a message on Twitter from ISIS, saying

Americans in for ruin (sic).

ISIS wants to cross into the United States through the US-Mexican border. The Texas Department of Public Safety has given this warning:

A review of ISIS social media messaging during the week ending August 26 shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack … Social media account holders believed to be ISIS militants and propagandists have called for unspecified border operations, or they have sought to raise awareness that illegal entry through Mexico is a viable option … The identities of persons operating these accounts cannot be independently verified; however the accounts were selected for monitoring based on several indications that they have been used by actual ISIS militants for propaganda purposes and collectively reach tens of thousands of followers… One account was verified as belonging to an individual located in Mosul, Iraq.

Judicial Watch has made this statement:

Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat

According to the Texas law department, some 32 Facebook and Twitter posts by jihadists have been found expressing interest in the US-Mexican border, with even “calls for border infiltration”. ISIS knows that there are a large amount of people crossing into American through Mexico, and plans on using this to their advantage. As the Texas law department reports:

This Twitter account holder, who is the administrator of an ISIS propaganda trading group, stated that the time was right for such an action because “the US-Mexican border is now open large numbers of people crossing”

ISIS already has drones and I have said that it is possible that they could use them in attacks on American. More Muslim violence in America is on the way, and we will see carnage worse than 9/11.

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1 Tom Soriano September 7, 2014 at 8:57 pm

If ISIS does enter the US by crossing the Mexican border and attacks Americans, Obama should be immediately arrested and brought before a firing squad! His treason is obvious so we shouldn’t waste time on a trial. Besides, I’m not too sure that he is even eligible for protection under our Constitution! Also, enough of this liberal BS, terrorists should not have any protection and/or rights under OUR Constitution. We all know what they do to American citizens when they capture them, it’s time that we act accordingly!

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