Al Qaeda magazine urges terrorists to hit Vegas, military academies, stores

by 1389 on August 29, 2014

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ISIS is not the only Islamic enemy threatening imminent acts of war against the US. The magazine issued by AQAP (al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) gives directives for acts of terror – along with English-language instructions for homegrown terrorists – just in time for September 11, 2014.

Lisa Daftari has the story at Fox News:

A new English-language Al Qaeda magazine features a how-to article on making car bombs and suggests terror targets in the United States, including casinos in Las Vegas, oil tankers and military colleges, and implies that an attack is imminent.

The online publication, called “Palestine-Betrayal of the Guilty Conscience Al-Malahem” and put out by the media arm of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, calls for Muslims around the world to follow “the recipe” provided to set off car bombs in crowded venues. It includes a timeline of “selected jihadi operations” that the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which first flagged the slickly-produced latest edition of the terror publication, finds chilling.

“The timeline concludes with the date 201?’ and blank spaces and question marks for the photo and information of the next attack — implying that it is coming soon.” said MEMRI Executive Director Steve Stalinsky.

There is a suggested list of targets for lone-wolf, or individually executed, terror attacks, including New York’s Times Square, casinos and night clubs in Las Vegas, oil tankers and trains, the Georgia Military College, the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and General Atomics defense contractor in San Diego.

“This recipe gives you the ability to make a car bomb even in countries with tight security and surveillance,” one article reads, before providing a “shopping list” of supplies needed to make such a bomb, including cooking gas, oxygen gas, a barometer, decoration lamps and matches.

There is also a list of targets in Britain including a military academy and the Marks and Spencers chain of department stores. The magazine calls for the stores to be hit on Friday during prayers so that Muslims won’t be affected.

Globally, AQAP calls for the targeting of tourist resorts frequented by Israelis, Britons and Americans.

In a nine-page spread entitled, “How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom,” the magazine details a do-it-yourself, illustrated guide on assembling a pressure-cooker bomb similar to the ones used in the Boston Marathon bombings.

“My Muslim brother, before you start reading the instructions, remember that this type of operation if prepared well and an appropriate target is chosen and Allah decrees success for you, history will never forget it. It will be recorded as a crushing defeat on the enemies of Islam,” the article says.

The “Palestine” magazine is a spin-off of AQAP’s Inspire magazine, which mainly encourages and instructs jihadi recruits to carry out lone-wolf attack in the West. This new magazine is meant to play upon the recent anti-Israel and anti-U.S. sentiments brought about by the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

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1 Gramfan August 29, 2014 at 10:26 am

Possibly the only group of people in the world that value death and destruction.

They have contributed almost nothing to civilization.
Some say Algebra and other math.
I think most of these were invented by people living under Muslim domination from what I have read.

Always good at using the brains of foreigners!

Just look at some of the modern buildings in the gulf states and Saudi Arabia and most were built by foreign workers who are treated like dirt!

2 Gramfan August 29, 2014 at 10:28 am

I would like to see more pieces like this:

Of course it is possibly taqqiya.

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