Chaldean archbishop of Mosul warns the west about Islamic immigration

by 1389 on August 26, 2014

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…you will become victims of the enemy that you welcomed into your home.

Andrew Bostom has the story:

Amel Nona, the 47 year-old Chaldean archbishop of Mosul, who fled the Sunni “re-awakening,” IS-led jihad in northern Iraq, to Erbil, Kurdistan, made the following statements to Corriere Della Serrapublished August 10, 2014:

“Our sufferings today are a prelude to what even European and Western Christians will incur in the near future. Your liberal and democratic principles here [in the Middle East] are not worth anything. You need to rethink our reality in the Middle East because you are receiving in your countries, an increasing number of Muslims. You too are at risk. You have to take strong and courageous decisions, at the cost of contradicting your principles. You think that men are all the same. It is not true. Islam does not say that all men are equalYour values ​​are not their valuesIf you do not understand in time, you will become victims of the enemy that you welcomed into your home.”

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1 Chuck Culpepper August 31, 2014 at 3:04 pm

Amel Nona is telling the truth. We should all become as aware as he is – of the reality that Islamists who worship Allah (actually Satan) and promote the (pedophile false prophet) Mohammed’s Koran are basically ignorant and easily manipulated by fear and lies. We need also to be honest and admit that the secular and worldly (liberal and democratic) “Christian societies” such as the US and Europe also demonstrate similar ignorance of Godly principals. When we promote tolerance for Anti-Christian agendas, whether they be “promoting homosexuality” or “worshiping celebrity rap artists” or refusing to accept that the Islamic State Caliphate is clearly prophesized in the Bible as Satanic, the time is now for us to open our eyes and ears, to oppose evil and to repent.

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